SEO isn’t as scary as you may think, especially with the right marketing team to back you up.

If leads are like food for your business- something you need to survive- then SEO is like your garden. Your garden takes time to grow, just as your SEO takes time to deliver you results, but in the end, a successful garden will give you the food you need. Invest in your garden, and watch your business grow!

An SEO is like a garden because it takes, depending on your area, it can take three months to a year sometimes to get really high level rankings for the keywords that you guys want to rank for, right? There’s so many different factors. There’s so many processes inside your business that you need to have in order to rank well on SEO outside of having a good agency to help you out with this work.

And you look at pay, pay per click while you’re growing your garden, you know, gardens still require a lot of work. They require a lot of maintenance. They require software. Well, they don’t require software, but they require tools. Alright, it’s a better way to put it. And while you’re waiting for that to work, you gotta run your business.

Right? So, outside of beating the streets, knocking on doors, and having guys run out, and you’re outside sales reps. You can utilize LSA and pay per click as like going to the grocery store, right? So I want you guys to think about SEO like your garden you’re going to grow. It is a tangible asset for your business, right?

Your portfolio of keywords is something you’re always going to own. You know, they can drop off at some point, but it’s just, it’s the most sustainable way to market your business online. If you can build a really good portfolio of high ranking keywords in all of your service areas, right? Does that make sense?

You don’t want to just rank for water damage restoration and where your office is. You need to rank in every single sub city and little in your whole entire service area. And that is from SEO and your work that you’re going to do on your Google business profile.

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