When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to note that traffic costs a lot of money!

Rather than trying to reach more clients all the time, it might be beneficial for you to capitalize on the clients you ARE reaching with your marketing strategies to get the most bang for your buck. Don’t automatically assume that more investment = more conversions. Take the time to optimize what you can with your current strategy and see just how much that can improve your results.

And so from a digital marketing side, I always say it, traffic costs a lot of money. And from what you’re talking about, about, you know, trying to drum up the commercial sales and knocking on doors that costs a lot of money too. You have payroll that has to be accounted for. You have time. And if that’s not bearing fruit, then you’re wasting even more money.

Every time you turn the key, pick up a phone, send an email is costing you money. And what I think a lot of business owners miss on, and a lot of people do, and you hit the nail on the head is it’s a, most of the time they want to increase the amount of touch points. They want to increase the amount of people they’re reaching out to, versus trying to capitalize on the people that they are reaching out to.

So how that merges with a digital marketing age is, you know, SEO. We’ll keep it in the simplest terms. Sending a hundred people a month to a website through organic search, and they’re getting one phone call. Most business owners in this space and a lot of the home services, their immediate gut reaction, emotional reaction is saying, well, our digital marketing agency sucks.

We’re not getting any calls. We need to move switch gears, right? And then they go to the next guy and they maybe increase their traffic by like, 15 because they’ve moved another keyword up to page one, or they’ve done something different, they’re still only getting one or two calls, right? They’ve spent.

An extra 1, 000 a month on getting an extra 15 people to look at their website and got one extra call. Well, if they would have just made X, Y, Z changes on their website, maybe the flow is off. Maybe their logo sucks. Maybe they don’t have the right information. Their site is slow doing free things to increase your conversions. It’s going to make you a lot more money without having to spend a dime, right?

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