Here’s a clip from our recent podcast with Zach Garrett from Liftify. One of the common issues he runs into are companies that are hesitant to ask their customers to leave a review.

If they are unhappy they are going to leave a bad review regardless. However, you are better off having 100 reviews that are 4-5 stars vs only have 10 reviews that are all 5 stars. The benefits are you will have much better map rankings, LSA rankings and social proof.

About Liftify:
Liftify Founder and CEO Zach Garrett created Liftify with a single mission:
Uplift businesses and highlight their incredible products and service through accelerating online reviews.

‘I don’t want a bad review and I’m willing to gate, I’m willing to not ask people. I would rather not have any reviews. Just please don’t ever give me a one star review, right? And the problem is those happen organically anyway, right? So what you’re really doing with that is you are under representing yourself online when you don’t ask for a public reviews.

You are underrepresented online. You’re going to get some negative, bad ones, especially on recon jobs or things you can’t control right in the restoration space, it is going to happen. So our kind of counter to that is look, you have to play offense and be really great about getting reviews from your happy customers.

And so we’ve got a methodology to do that. And, you know, overall, Ben, I think a lot of businesses, they would love to be a 5.0 and never get a bad review. And I think that is a fallacy. You need to be at like a 4.5 to 4.9 kind of company that has some things. People want to see what goes wrong. 75 percent of people also read, review responses from businesses, right?

So people read the responses and you’ve done it in your own life. Then you’ve been considering a product or service and you go and you filter it to the negative reviews, right? And you want to see what people, how they responded really. And they can identify crazy and different things. So don’t be afraid of that. That’s going to happen sometimes.

But what you also need is the vast majority of people and especially recent ones to say, “Yes, this was a great brand. I like them. We’re going to continue moving forward with them because I trust them because they’ve done this work and it’s been recently.”

And so I always tell people, “Look, you can be a company that has 10 reviews this year at five stars and that’s not really going to help your company as much, even though it feels okay. I would rather you be at a hundred reviews and have 90 to 95 five star reviews. In a few that went south, and that’s going to help you much more in search, much more with your marketing and help you look much more authentic and much more like a live company that people want to work with.”

And so you’ve got an alternative, you know, if you are, if you’re too afraid of getting a bad review, recognize that you are sacrificing 10 times the amount of good reviews for that. And at least have that thought conversation with yourself. And, you know, we would challenge people to recognize. Every day that you do that, you’re making a bad business decision and investing in the wrong thing.

You can’t operate in fear. You’ve got to operate in opportunity. And there’s an opportunity in the restoration space right now to win in this by asking and getting your customers to leave you great reviews.’

If ever you missed the full Podcast Episode, watch it here:


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