Here’s a clip from our recent podcast with Kevin and Annissa Coy from Firehouse Education where they talk about the importance of your brand. What do people say about you after you walk out of the room? Were you remarkably great or bad?

You have to provide a great experience with consistent outcomes, job after job. If you do this and do it well your brand will grow organically, people will talk about you. This is how you’ll get referrals and market share.

Kevin: Let me hammer this home on, on brand, since this is kind of what we’re background on. For most of us in this industry, we don’t have the budget or the ability to image brand ourself, okay? We’d love to be able to, you know, have somebody say, “Well, what’s your favorite macaroni and cheese?” And everybody would go, “Oh, Craft.”

Because that’s a big image brand and they spend a lot of money making that stick in your head. Now, the reason I know how to spell Balogna is, I grew up singing the Oscar Meyer song. So I know how to spell Balogna. So that’s..

Ben: So you can eat a lot of Balogna too.

Kevin: Yeah! That’s the power of having that kind of budget. And being able to be an image branding company.

Most of us don’t have that. So here’s brand, and everybody can write this down. Here’s brand for us every day. What do people say about you after you walk out of the room? That’s your brand. And if you’re remarkable enough that they want to talk about you, there’s, there’s two ways of being remarkable: Remarkably Great and Remarkably Bad. Okay?

That’s when they’re going to talk about you. Obviously, you want to be the earlier, not the latter. But if we have an experience that we can create, that we can orchestrate consistent outcomes, job after job, and you do it well, your brand will grow organically; and people will talk about you. And that will be the best way for you to green business and take market share in your marketplace, is simply by referral. Most powerful way and most inexpensive way to gain market share.

Ben: Yeah, that’s why Google reviews are important, right? I know you can talk about yourself until you’re blue in the face, but until somebody else says it, no reason to believe you.

Kevin: Far more believable.

Ben: Yeah. We, a little bit more, right? So well Google’s getting a little better I guess at filtering out the bad ones or worse, or I don’t know.

About Firehouse Education:
They are a unique boutique/high end training company for the serious restoration contractor that wants to get started in the industry or is currently in it but wants better systems, processes and procedures in place.

Watch the full Podcast Replay here:

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