Here’s a clip in our recent podcast with Larry Cooper (The Experience Convention & Trade Show) where he talks about the benefits of joining associations. Larry has over 50 years of experience in the restoration and cleaning industry, a Former president of the IICRC, founder of the Experience Convention and trade show and developer of the S500, S520, S100 and S300.

Can you speak on the importance of joining associations like the regional associations or the IICRC, RIA, anything like that for people that may not be or may be on the fence about it?

Yeah, I will tell you that I learned more about the business from my “Competitors” who became my best friends, and I also found that by my giving back to newer people coming into the industry, I had paid off tenfold.

There’s no question about it. And you know, as far as associations or other conventions, none of ’em are my competitor or should be our competitor. And matter of fact, we just signed a Memorandum of Agreement with RIA to work together, not their competitor. And our goals are similar to theirs. We wanna raise the bar on education as high as we possibly can.

So I encourage you to reach out “your competitor” because there’s gonna be times where they have too much work. There’s gonna be times you have too much work; and you have someone you can work with and turn to. You know, here in Colorado, I made sure that all my competitors were my best friends because we worked together, same clients, same industry, same ideas, and we learned from each other; and we would put on workshops and teach them what trade secrets we had, right?

Then they would share also, and we just learned together and it really makes a huge impact. And it also raises the bar of professionalism in the industry. That’s the critical piece, and I really hear that from the public now, is how professional this industry has become.

If you are attending The Experience Conference & Exhibition, May 8-10 at the Broward Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale. You won’t want to miss our very own, Ironclad’s Benjamin Ricciardi who will be doing a presentation on Monday, May 8th at 9:45 AM.


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