Why you absolutely need Google Analytics for your website?


Why you absolutely need Google Analytics for your website?

Your website is your hub and to check its activities, you need to maximize the use of your resources. Your main help in this avenue, the resource that we are talking about is the Google Analytics. We will teach you how to use it in your advantage. We will help you dissect and understand the necessary data for you. The good thing about this is we are here to guide you and give you the support that you need when Google can’t. Here are some tips for you:

1. Know where your users are coming from. Is it Google organic? Instagram? Email blasts? Youtube?
2. Know how much traffic your website is generating.
3. It will help you make smarter decisions based on traffic sources.
4. It will help you optimize your optimize website for better performance = results!
5. It’s FREE to use.

Do you want more? We have more in store for you!

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