Here’s a clip from our recent podcast with Jason Gilstrap from Core Group where he discusses how big of an issue there is in the gap in knowledge in the industry which is why Core University provides an educational platform and solutions. This includes everything from recruiting, retention, employee development, personal development and more.

Ben: How big of an issue, I’m guessing this is going to go back to the genesis of Core U, but how big of an issue are you seeing being a restorer of this gap in knowledge and intellect? And what do you think it attributes to failures of businesses? If you had to throw a percentage at it?

Jason: Well, I think, you know, one of the bigger things we’re seeing is the labor shortage, right? And so, that’s one of the biggest things that everyone out there is dealing with. It doesn’t matter where you’re at geographically, it’s an issue.

A lot of that has been generations of being told you have to go to college to be successful. And, you know, I didn’t go to college and I consider myself fairly successful, but now I would like, you know, college isn’t for everyone.

So I, part of me, and this is kind of a little passion project for me is to provide that hope and that inspiration to guys that, that know that college isn’t suited for them and they may not do well, so they don’t go. But to give them an opportunity to advance themselves, you know, quicker, faster than I did just because of an educational resource available to them.

You know, if you want to go after it, it’s going to be there for you. That’s really where I get my passion for the, for the platform from is I want to see more people rise up. And be better than they think they can be just because they may not have the best economic background and, you know, the most advanced, you know, you know, education available to them. I want to give them that opportunity to really rise and grow.

Ben: Yeah. So it sounds like and this is this is something that’s news to me So you guys not only are going to be providing this educational platform for business owners people part of the you know, the Core Programs .

This is something for this new generation or these people that are learning that they’re wanting to learn a skilled trade Yeah, which is i’m just learning that now and I think that’s incredible that even resonates more with me I I come from a contracting background in site development and you know the old school way You get an old grizzled foreman.

They’re going to kick you around a little bit for a few years. You learn your way up. But you know, the reality is, are this new generations and the last couple of generations are a little bit different than you and I came up. There’s not that access, right? There’s no education on what these industries are.

And quite frankly, Speaking of restoration industry, a restoration industry kind of has a bad name for itself or had one. So, so CORE University is going to be catering to those people that are looking to learn a trade or break into it as well?

Jason: Well, that’s one part of it. You know, there’s, this thing has expanded so much and taken on, you know, so many different platforms and roles.

But we, we kind of designed it, we realized we had the opportunity to build a site that was not only just an educational platform, but a place for solutions to our everyday problems, whether it be. The recruiting aspect, the retention aspect, the employee development side, the personal development side. You know, employee development is a huge issue right now.

So if you’re going to get a labor shortage and you’re going to deal with someone that’s never even understood what restoration is You have to develop that employee and provide them not only the job training but the developmental side as well And a lot of restorers out there. They they have the best of intentions.

They’re great people And they’re great contractors, but they don’t know the first thing about creating a training path or a learning path for true employee development So that’s we want to build that into the system to where it’s a hands free approach for these You know, smaller, mid level guys that just either have their hair on fire every day and can’t do it, or just simply don’t know how and don’t know who to ask for help.

So we want to be that one stop shop resource, not only for the, you know, the kid that may want to learn a trade, but also that business owner that understands that he needs to develop his employees, but just doesn’t know how.

About Core Group:

CORE Group is one of the largest collectives of Restoration Contractors in the US. With an eye on education, culture, and excellence in the industry, their mission is to provide outstanding service and industry leading support for all of their members.

Watch the full interview here:

Jason Gilstrap from Core Group (Podcast Replay Inside)

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