Why Google Reviews are super important in getting your restoration business leads

In this video we break down why Google reviews are super important in getting your restoration business leads.

Nowadays when people will try something new, they will search for reviews first if the product is good enough for the money, time and trust they will spend. Your visitors are like this and most of them haven’t tried your services yet so they will look for an avenue to get other people’s feedback before choosing you. They are either first time encounters of some problems you can fix or they may be your competitors’ clients who may changed their hearts. This is the opportunity to get their hearts!

Your visitors usually do not know how great you do with what you do. They visited your website because it showed them a potential that you may be able to help them with what they need. One great way to convince them to finally choose you among your competitors is through the Google reviews. It will help your traffic be converted into leads.

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