Here’s a clip from the presentation Ben (Ironclad) did at The Experience Conference where he asks the audience “Who is your ideal customer?” Is it homeowners? Property managers? Public Adjusters? Plumbers? Once you identify who your ideal customer is, then you can address their pain points and craft the appropriate messaging.

A lot of people do not know who they’re selling to. And if you don’t know who you’re selling to, it’s gonna be really hard to sell to them. It’s gonna be especially hard to craft a message to be able to resonate with that person. So tonight, part of the homework. I want you to really think about who it is that you’re trying to market your business to.

Are you looking for homeowners? Are you trying to make relationships with property managers, real estate agents, anybody that lies into verticals, roofers, plumbers, because each one of those people is gonna have a different fear and a different reason that they’re not gonna wanna do business with you, or they’re gonna choose your competition over you.

Does that make sense? So you really need to be able to see things through their eyes in order to craft a proper message to resonate with them. You wanna sell them the painkiller. Why are you the best choice to do business with versus your competition? Okay, so this is a huge part. It’s fundamental. You need to understand who your target client is.

So if you’re doing commercial loss, that’s a totally different bucket. You’re gonna market to them totally different. It may not take smiles, handshakes, and candy dropping off at their offices. You may be interrupting things, so you really need to understand who you’re selling to.

You can watch the full replay here:

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