What’s the difference between Google Ads, LSA, Google Business and organic?

Google can be very confusing. Here’s a clip from Benjamin Ricciardi’s presentation at The Experience Conference & Exhibition where he breaks down the difference between Google Ads, Google LSA (Local Service Ads), Google Business Profile, Google Maps and organic search.

Search Engine, we’re gonna talk about today. I don’t know if you guys ever heard about it. It’s called Google. Anybody here hasn’t heard about it? Well, for the service industry, it is our bread and butter, right? This is where the majority of your leads, when it comes from a digital perspective, are gonna come from.

But I notice a lot of times when we’re talking to people, even clients of ours, they don’t understand what the Google Search is. They don’t know the difference between Ads and LSA, and organic, and we’re talking all this stuff and saying, “Hey, organic rankings are great.” And they’re like, “Well, we’re not there in the top.” And they’re talking about the Ad section.

So I wanna break it down real quick for anybody that doesn’t fully understand it. When you do a Google search, we looked up water damage restoration in Chicago, there’s three main components of it, right? You’re gonna have your Ad section. Now for the service industry, it’s gonna be your LSA, your Google LSA, Local Service Ads, and then your Pay-per-click ads that are just below that.

They’re both run by Google Ads. They’re both part of the Ad system. The difference is, and we’ll get into it a little bit deeper, is Pay-per-click. You pay per click. LSA is more of a pay per lead type model. Okay? It’s a very astringent process to get part of the Google guaranteed program, but if you’re not, it’s something you definitely need to jot that down and look into for your business right now.

Then under that, we’ve got, I think is probably one of the most important areas right now, especially since this most recent algorithm update, everybody heard a Google My Business? It’s not called that anymore, so please don’t call it that anymore. No, it’s actually, they changed the name to Google Business Profile and they actually decoupled the Google Business Profile from organic results a little bit more.

So they’re very much tied into each other. So if you are paying somebody to do SEO or you’re doing it on your own and they’re not managing your Google Business Profile, you’re like watering down your gasoline on getting your rankings and organic search in the map section.

And again, the Google Business Profile is tied to the maps rankings in the service industry, that’s your bread and butter. People are looking at for a “carpet cleaning company near me” or a “property damage restoration”. Those are the results that you want to be in that top three there.

And then right below the maps is your organic search. These are your non-paid listings. This is a direct result of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and now Google Business Profile Management. It should be, and it’s funny, it should be the foundation of your marketing plan. All right?

And it’s funny that it is basically, literally the foundation of a Google search. And they’re very much strongly correlated with your Google Business Profile. So at the end of the day, you wanna have as much real state on page one as possible. All right? That is gold for you.

So attacking each one of those components, if you can afford to do so, is going to be ideal for getting a perpetual pipeline to lead to getting the most attention on your business right now.

Watch the full presentation here: https://ironcladrestorationmarketing.com/presentation-replay-the-no-b-s-internet-marketing-plan-the-experience-conference-exhibition/

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