How are you going to share your message and inform the market as to why they should be doing business with your company? Here’s a clip from Benjamin Ricciardi’s presentation at The Experience Conference & Exhibition where he talks about what you need to know when it comes to your website including conversions.

All right! How are you gonna share your message and inform the market of why they should be doing business with you? So that’s where the media part comes in. This is the foundation. This is the hub. And for the purposes of this type of marketing that we’re talking about, the digital marketing, your website is how the website is going to be the hub of all of your media, all of you USPs – your Unique Selling Propositions, and that’s gonna be the way that you resonate with your target client.

All right? But you have to have the basics in order. Just having a website. There’s a lot more to it. It’s nuanced. We’re not gonna get crazy into it. But you need to have a professional looking website. It needs to be mobile responsive. You need to have all that information above the fold. And when we talk about above the fold, it’s like the old newspaper adage. The most important information is, you don’t have to unfold the newspaper to look at it.

And the same thing goes for the website with these types of examples here, you have all that. You have your call to actions, you have your unique selling proposition above the fold, it’s loads fast, that’s a big thing people. We live in a microwave society. People don’t wanna wait for anything. So if your website’s spinning, or one of your banners has taken a long time, there’s a good chance they’re gonna bounce; and they’re gonna go to somebody else.

So the basics are, and you also wanna make sure you have clickable phone number. You wanna make sure it’s really easy to get in touch with you, right? So you have a phone number at the top, professional looking logo. You got a video. Video sells. People will watch a video more than read your website 9 times out of 10, okay? And you gotta make sure it is device responsive, meaning mobile ready, right?

Not only did Google switch to a mobile first indexing few years ago, but it also helps with conversions. So converting those eyeballs into actual phone calls, which is the bread and butter, that’s what we want at the end of the day. We want that phone ringing because conversion percentage is much more important than traffic to your website.

So make sure you have those basics in order. Take a look at your website, take a look at the person that’s ranking above you on Google. It’s a really good way to get, measure where you at and where you are and how you stack up against them. All right? You gotta remember the conversion percentage is more important than traffic.

As traffic costs money. It costs a lot of money to drive traffic to your website, but conversions make you money. A lot of times as an agency, we’ll get prospects call us and say, “Hey, we need to do better. The phone’s not ringing.” We take a look at their analytics and they’ve got a ton of traffic coming to their website.

And you know what they need is they need to convert better. So a lot of times it goes right back to their website. We wanna look at these conversion fundamentals, make sure they have those in order, cuz that’s probably what’s keeping those eyeballs from calling.

Watch the full presentation here:

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