Here’s a clip from our recent podcast with Larry Cooper (The Experience Convention & Trade Show) where he breaks down what to expect at the upcoming “The Experience Convention & Trade Show”.

“We do 4 Tracks of Education, and that starts on the 8th, it’s on the 9th and 10th. So, Cleaning, Restoration and Remediation, Marketing and Management, and then we have a general subject, but we also on the last day will have a track in the language of Spanish, just Spanish speaking. And so we’ve been trying to expand that program. And as more and more, Spanish speaking folks attend, we will continue to expand that program also. It’s very vital.

So those 4 Tracks run from 8:30 to 2:30 on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday from 8:30 to 12. The one thing our show does that’s different from most shows, when you’re in an education session, the trade show is not opened. We don’t want to compete with education. It is so important to us that we get you involved and engaged, and that’s really something we’ve always done. Once the education is done at 2:30, the Trade Show opens and goes till 6:30 on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, it goes from 12-3.

Now, the trade show hall’s amazing. You have manufacturers, you have distributors, you have educators, you have people that are doing some great things in the industry, and you’re gonna want to come see them. If you don’t want to go to the education, just go to the trade show hall. It’s 10 bucks. Definitely come check that out. But, I think you’ll find that if you go to the classes and you show up in the trade show hall, you’ll learn so much more.

We have live demonstrations going on in the trade show hall. So we have a flood pavilion, we have a cleaning pavilion, we have Shaw Learning Lab in there, so they’re teaching about all their product technology and Normie is in there teaching about mold remediation. There’s all kinds of hands-on going on throughout the room, and you’ll want to engage in those things also.

Now, we will have some truck mounts outside so you can go see those truck mounted units and try them out. That’s always fun. But the show is designed to be fun also. And so everyday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, we have cocktail receptions. Now on Monday night, the cocktail reception leaves and goes back over to the Hilton Marina. And they have just built this amazing place up on the third floor overlooking the water with these huge yachts all around.

So our party will be in there that night. It’ll be for about an hour and a half. And then there are so many great restaurants, and clubs around, and entertainment. There is a water taxi right out the back door. You can go to six different locations with restaurants, beaches, whatever you wanna do. If you just wanna walk around, you can walk from the hotel over the bridge, and you’re right in that restaurant. We just love the location. We love Florida ’cause it’s so warm and I’m so damn cold in Colorado right now.”

If you are thinking about attending The Experience Conference & Exhibition, May 8-10 at the Broward Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale use code “IRONDC” to get $30 off your full registration. By the way, Ironclad’s very own Benjamin Ricciardi will be doing a presentation at the conference, details coming soon.

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