If you are not familiar with Google LSA (Local Service Ads) then they are the Google Ads you see when you do a Google search for say “water damage restoration in (pick a City, State)” with a green circle check mark that says “Google Guaranteed”. The biggest difference between LSA and search ads are that you only pay for the qualified leads, BUT you have to get approved by Google first. If you haven’t applied this we highly recommend it.

There’s another thing that was in beta for quite a while, but it’s now quite common. I’m sure you’ve seen it, are the LSA (Local Service Ads), right? And the difference between Local Service Ads and Pay Per Click will go over, but they just help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer.

So pay per click, like I mentioned, your ads there, they click on it, you get charged. You have an ad budget. Well, LSA, you only pay if somebody calls you. So it’s almost more of  a pay per lead, right? So you’re only charged when a prospective customer contacts you from that ad.

Now, there’s a quite an extensive process that goes into setting yourself up and getting that Google guarantee. If you’ve ever done it, you understand what I’m talking about. They want your licenses, proof of insurance, they do a background check on you, they just looking at criminal history, I mean, literally everything. They’re vetting you out.

Google is doing the work for your clients that are gonna hire you. Right?  You have to have a minimum of three reviews to even get approved for LSA, right? So they’re really,  stringent on who they allow in this section, it is the first section, you see? So it’s a very valuable place to be. It’s like having the biggest billboard on 95 next to where everybody gets onto one of the major exits. Alright?

But the important thing with LSA, if you go through the whole process,  we’ve seen this before. If you go through the whole process and get approved for Google guarantee and LSA ads, you have to follow up with those leads immediately because if you don’t, you are not gonna get listed and Google’s gonna pass those leads on to somebody else, right?

So if you’re gonna put in the work, make sure you have the systems in place to be able to facilitate those leads when they come in, because,  it’s a hard and tough hole to climb yourself out of if you are not following the rules with Google.

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