Nobody panicked, it’s happened. Google maps went down for over an hour today. And if you’re a restoration contractor that relies solely on Google maps or your Google business profile to drive leads into your restoration business, then your phones were probably pretty slow today. What happens if this service goes down for more than an hour? What happens if it goes down for a day? What happens if it gets shut down indefinitely? Where would you be as a contractor? If you’re relying on that service to send leads to your business, you would be S H I T out of luck. And that’s why we always preach on being Omnipresent.

You can check it out on our website. We have the digital omnipresence method here where we want you as a restoration contractor to be present in as many digital channels as you possibly can, not only to avoid things like Google maps going down, or when Facebook and Instagram went down last year. But it also helps to build your overall authority and cast a wider net to be able to channel those leads and funnel those leads into your business.

So if you were one of those guys, that’s relying solely on just jacking up your Google reviews and getting a ton of leads in there. Luckily it was only down for about an hour today but that just is a bigger attestment to the fact that you need to be taking a digital Omnipresence approach or an omni-channel approach for your restoration business to make sure that you have backup plans built into backup plans. So if anything like this ever happens again in the future, you can rest easy. You don’t need to panic, and you will still continue to get those leads into your business.

Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. There is no magic pill to get you leads. It takes good old fashioned elbow grease hard work but more so an omni-channel approach to be able to have a consistent pipeline of those leads coming in for your property damage restoration company.

So if you’ve been struggling with any of this or you’re one of those guys out there that got nailed by either the Facebook and Instagram going down or Google maps going down today; and you want to learn how you can become omnipresent. Check out our website, You can buy my new book on Amazon. Just search out the no BS Guide to Internet Marketing for Restoration Contractors or my name Benjamin Ricardi. My book is a step-by-step guide on how to win on the internet for your restoration business. We also have a podcast, the restoration rundown that you might be listening to this on right now, streaming on every single different streaming platform.

So there’s no excuse. We’re literally giving you the keys to win on the internet. So be Omnipresent and you will see your lead flow increase, but more so your leads will not go down when one of the services that utilizing goes down for good. We’ll talk to you soon.

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