If you are new to digital marketing it can be very confusing. In this video we walk you through Google Ads, which is Pay Per Click where you bid on keywords and pay for every click. This is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and get calls immediately.

So we talked a lot about SEO. SEO is the practice of getting your site ranked in the organic section. It is the foundation and should be the foundation of any of your digital marketing plans. And we likened SEO to a garden. We talked a little bit about Pay Per Click being the grocery store.

So hey! Listen, it sounds great. You know you’re gonna make me number one on Google for everything I do, but you just told me it’s gonna take three to six months to even a year to do so. What the h*** am I supposed to do in between? Yeah. I’m gonna make some relationships with some plumbers and real estate agents and get referrals from buddies and then X, Y, Z.

But I need to eat now. I’m hungry. Right? Well, that’s where Pay Per Click comes into play. It’s the first section on Google that pops up when you do a Google search stands for Pay Per Click, right? So you pay, when somebody clicks on your ad, you bid on keywords, and then you get placement on Google above the organic and map sections.

And again, you gotta think grocery store, pay per click is the grocery store. You can turn it on or turn it off as needed. There was a bunch of storms that just hit up, up north with a lot of, and they’re having a lot of frozen pipe issues up there. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to run some Google ads if you have a website with that service on the website, man, that pay per click stuff just really will, it’ll be like throwing gas on a fire.

You can still run ads without it. You still need landing pages and, and whatnot. But that’s a great example. We have hurricanes down to Florida. We get a big, major storm. A lot of our clients will turn on their Google ads for a few weeks, get enough jobs, and then they shut ’em off. Save that budget for something.

We did it in Louisiana a couple years ago, and one of our clients did like, I don’t know, 6 million in a week and then shut off their Google ads. They were good, right? So that’s a great problem to have. They went right to the grocery store and loaded up.

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