In this video we give you a breakdown on “NAP” which stands for Name, Address, Phone # and why it is important for your restoration business when it comes to your online presence.

Hey, what’s up everybody. Welcome to the Ironclad Marketing Minute. My name is Ben Ricciardi from Ironclad Restoration Marketing and the Restoration Rundown Podcast, where I help restoration business owners with everything they need to get their internet marketing right. We provide expert SEO, web design, Google business profile, and Google ads management, all to be able to get you that perpetual pipeline of leads.

Now that we got that out of the way, it’s. Time to talk about NAPs. No, not the nap. You probably wish you were taking right now after a crazy start to 2024 or if you listen to my podcast or read my book, the thing that probably happens to you automatically after hearing me for a couple of minutes.

No, the NAP I’m referring to is specific to digital marketing and that is the name, address, and phone number of your business. Now, it may seem like an arbitrary thing, but when it comes to Google, having your name, address and phone number or your map consistent on all of your digital channels is super important for verifying the authenticity and building the trust for your business.

Now, Google specifically looks for your map and looks for the consistency of your NAP, whether it’s your Google business profile. Your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter (X), your Tik Tok, your LinkedIn, everything has to be consistent across the board, right? So if you are a new business and you’re opening a Google business profile, you have to make sure that you have that in order.

Now they’re going to be looking for an exact match on your nap. So no abbreviations of your names, no abbreviations of the streets. And if you do make sure that those abbreviations are used on every one of your digital channels. Now, if you’re paying a third party company or you’re doing SEO in house, your search engine optimization.

You need to pay extra careful attention to your nap because it could affect the rankings. Part of SEO is building backlinks. And one of the ways that companies and agencies do that, or you’re doing in house is by registering your business with relevant business directories, the RIA, the IICRC, and a lot of associations have places for you to put your business, which is going to be your name, your address, your phone number, and sometimes your website in there.

Make sure that all of those things are consistent. And if you’re a business that’s looking to change. Address, make sure that you have some sort of audit of anywhere your business is listed as a business directory, and you go through each one of those channels and update the address before you do your Google business profile to avoid any unwanted suspensions.

And as you’ve been paying attention, a lot of these suspensions have been going on with your Google Business profiles. So all you can do is make sure that your map is consistent across the board on your channels. The benefits of it are you’re gonna be able to change your Google business profile address a little bit more seamlessly, no guarantees, and you’re going to put yourself in a better position to get better organic and maps rankings in Google’s eyes. If you have those NAPs in order.

Now that you’ve listened to me for a couple minutes now, I’m sure you’re ready for a nap. I’m not, I’m fired up. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to somebody on our team. And you can visit our website at

And to learn more, check out the resources section on our website, or follow us on all of our social media channels, and you can pick up my book, the No BS guide to internet marketing for restoration contractors right on Amazon by searching that name out. Until next time. We’ll see you next month.

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