Trifecta Growth Institute joins the podcast Friday, Oct. 6th

Rod Cruce from Trifecta Growth Institute joins the Restoration Rundown podcast.

Podcast Date: Friday, October 6th
Time: 9:00 AM (EST)
Where: Youtube and LinkedIn Live

About Trifecta Growth Institute:
Helping Restoration Business Owners & General Managers shatter the $3 – $15 Million Revenue Ceiling.

Assist solving our client’s greatest challenges by inspiring powerful minds to create solutions. This will be done through training, leadership, and coaching that will increase your confidence, knowledge, and understanding to solve the problems keeping your business from succeeding.

“You know, Rod Cruce here. You know, I did 21 years in the United States army. I was a green beret, also known as special forces and also a Ranger. I did that for the majority of my career. Started out as an enlisted guy and was about 10 years enlisted. And then switched over and became an officer and went to officer candidate school, you know, they call that a Mustang.

And, you know, I had a great career. I’m fortunate to be around great people just in ability to, you know, travel across the world. I was in a lot of cool places and I was in a lot of really terrible places, you know, and, you know, I was in Afghanistan, Iraq, Columbia, and about another tons of countries.

And some of them you never probably heard of. And some of them, I came to tell you some of the stuff we’re doing there, but it was a pleasure and it really enjoyed it; and really was a foundation for me as a leader to come out and, you know, start my own business as well.

And which we started right before I got out even where we were doing residential building doing like a lot of spec homes and yeah, so it was, you know, go figure it was coming from it, but we did a lot of projects overseas. So we, you know, we build schools and hospitals and electrical power plants and stuff like that.

So we ran a lot of strategic projects and, you know, even upwards of a hundred million dollars. And so it kind of was a natural fit, I guess you could say. And when I came out, you know, started a training and coaching and consulting business, but really focusing on the defense industry.

And was back over in Iraq as soon as I got out running a huge program there and it, you know, just the defense industry. I kind of knew it. So it’s comfortable. Yeah, you know, did that for a while. And then, you know, looked at these defense contractors and I said, okay, we’re going to start doing project management stuff.

And so we started providing a bunch of special forces guys as project managers, just some of these electrical contractors, some of these builders. Because we understood the big picture, we understood the landscape, and we brought all that technical knowledge and put it together in a management piece to where it made sense.

And, you know, worked with a company building the 55 megawatt power plant in Bagram. And really good, you know, solar systems. They came out of that and then went into building modular data centers for NASA; and put those in play and did that for the Air Force as well. And then of course, sequestration took over in 2014.

And so I decided to pivot to something a little bit more predictable. And that’s when I got into more of the construction. I’ve already been in the construction business quite a bit, but more in the restoration world. And then bought a failing restoration company. And, and then, you know, kind of new to that industry, but wasn’t really new to it.

And ended up turning that company around, selling that a couple of years back. And. And then starting Trifecta Growth Institute, which is my focus now, because I saw a big need in the industry for, for some assistance, you know, and, and helping companies turn around and transform from not doing so well.

And just like your podcast talks about growth, you know, if you’re not growing, you’re dying is the way I look at it. So, you know, and, and that’s what we focus on. We focus on growing people, excuse me, focus on growing people. Because that’s what’s going to grow your business is your people. You got to get the right people there and you got to get them the tools they need. And that’s what we believe in.”

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