In this clip from a recent podcast with Zach from Liftify, he give his top 3 tips when it comes to getting online reviews including contact info, prep the customer and consistency. If you follow these tips, this will help your restoration business tremendously including better Google map rankings, social proof and more importantly more leads!

“Yeah, great question. Happy to share that. So, one of them I already mentioned, is huge. Yeah. Get your customer’s contact info. Like, just get it on the front end or the first time you’re there. Get their mobile number. Get their email. You never know when you might use that in their marketing. You know well beyond a review.

So, you’re a smaller company, do that every single time. Commit to it. The other thing I would tell you is at the beginning of the job when you first started. We call it prepping the customer. In our onboarding process, if we train them, and I’m happy to provide a script or different things even that we use for our customers, but tell them,

‘Hey, I’m here to help you. We’re gonna solve this problem and I want to do such a great job and give you a five star experience that at the end of this, you’re gonna leave us a review and you’re gonna want to tell other people about this. Like, that’s my goal, to provide that level of service for you.’

And prep that customer. And then obviously at the end, if you do make that ask like you recommend. You say,

‘Hey, remember that conversation, but number one, have I done it? Have I given you that five star experience?’

‘Oh yeah, absolutely! You’re great, Ben. You were awesome. Thank you for your help.’

‘Great. Would you write that review for me?’

And that changes it, right? ‘Cause you already did it. The other thing that does for your technicians, if they have to give a speech about how they’re gonna give a five star experience and do such a great job, that they’re gonna ask at the end, and you’re gonna expect that. You can bet that they’re gonna be looking at detail a little more.

They’re gonna be going the extra mile, like you can build it into your culture, right? Because they already told the customer. They’re gonna deliver a five star experience, so it helps them keep accountable too, to their business to do it.

And so getting contact information, prepping the customer. And then third, I would just say is consistency. Like, just decide, ‘We’re going to do this’. Even if it’s you standing in front of somebody every single time, or your technician and making sure they’re asking, don’t let your team off the hook. If they just say,

‘Yeah, I’ve been asking,’ you know, say,

‘Okay, well you’re the only technician that doesn’t ever a review this much. Why is that? I think it’s probably because you’re not asking, if you’re not doing a good job, you’re not asking which one is it?’

And so just be relentless on them and commit to it. Like, that’s consistency. Like anything in life, right? It is just so huge to driving success. And I guess I’ll throw in one extra one is like, why would you be consistent?

Because you can see the long term picture that this is gonna add value to your business in the short and long term. The internet’s not going away. Consumers looking for businesses online is not going away. So if those two things are true, you need to have a good online reputation. So just decide, ‘We’re gonna do this’, and we know it’s gonna pay dividends down the road.”

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