Some key Google LSA (Local Service Ads/Google Guaranteed) ad rank factors boil down to the 3 R’s- Radius, Reviews, Responsiveness!

Use these factors to improve your Google ad visibility and overall sales. We’re here to help you succeed with these LSA tips, now go out there and make it happen! Questions? Reach out to us directly!

What’s up, everybody. Welcome to the Ironclad Marketing Minute. My name is Benjamin Ricciardi with Ironclad Restoration Marketing, where we help restoration business owners get more sales just by getting their internet marketing right.

Now, one of the most effective channels that we’ve been utilizing to help our clients get more leads and sales from the internet has been Google’s LSA program. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the LSA program, it’s managed via Google ads, the traditional pay per click, but rather than being a pay per click, you’re actually paying per lead.

Now I mentioned before that this has been super effective, but if you are running LSA yourself, or if you’ve never ran LSA for your business, you want to listen up to this marketing minute because today is about some tips, some simple tips that can help you make sure that these ads are running and visible.

So if you’ve been struggling with your LSA, pay attention. A couple of things that you want to listen to. Your key ad rank factors boil down to the three Rs: the radius, the reviews, and your responsiveness. Radius setting your service area properly to where you actually do business is super important.

Google reviews. We talk about this quite a bit, but when it comes to your LSA, you need to have consistent Google reviews into your business in order to have visibility and beat out your competition with your ad visibility and responsiveness.

For phone calls, you need to make sure you’re picking up the phone, especially on these LSA leads, because they will get sent to your competition. And when there are the messaging type of leads, you have to make sure you’re responding within a few minutes. So make sure you have the infrastructure in place to answer the phone and respond to those message on those leads that are coming in through the LSA.

If you’re having a problem with visibility, there’s a few things that you can check out. Make sure when it comes to your photos that. None of the photos that you were using violate the guidelines. One of the big ones that we see people miss all the time is actually having a business phone number or email in the photo. And that means, on your vehicles or some of your work shirts of your employees or anything that may show a phone number or an email.

You want to make sure you omit those from these LSA photos in your account manager. Also check the policy manager. If you’re having a hard time and you’re getting these images violated, they will show you where your violations are at. If you are having a hard time to get your LSA to really kick into gear and get you those leads, Getting a hold of LSA support and having them manually review your account sometimes does the trick for you.

So if you are utilizing LSA, implement those tips. If you are not, I implore you to check out some of our other videos or start rolling that out for your business right away, especially in these slow times we’re dealing with right now. We need to make sure that we are capitalizing on as much visibility as possible using ironclad omnipresence method.

And of course, if you have any questions about LSA, how to get it set up, or you’re looking for somebody to partner with to manage your LSA for your restoration business, please feel free to visit our website at Give us a call. Somebody from my team would be happy to help you get your LSA up and running to get those leads that you need for your restoration business. We’ll talk to you soon.

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