In our recent podcast with Jon Isaacson ( & Ares Restoration) he shares his tips on getting leads if your are starting a new restoration company with no budget. 

The best agent I’ve ever had when I first met with him had a contractor that he loved. I see a lot of contractors saying like, “those guys are terrible”. You idiot, like that’s getting you nowhere! That’s probably getting you not even on the list at that point. Just say, “Oh, I’ve heard great things about them”; “that’s a great competitor”.

What I would like is if they’re ever busy, or they can’t get to a call, “give me your crappiest job”, that’s normally what I say, and I tell my team, if these people call, we gotta be on it! ‘Cause they’re not gonna give you like a $300,000 fire out of the gate, right? Like you’re going to get a real crappy job and you better get on the water.

And you need to just get one opportunity to make that first impression outside of, the introduction that you’re making. But don’t be abused to where every lead they give you is the crappy lead. You know, I used to say three.

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