Join us on Friday, June 2nd at 9:00 AM (EST) on the Restoration Rundown Podcast with our special guest Zach Garrett the founder of Liftify, an online reputation and review building company whose comprehensive solutions are finally solving the review gathering problem once and for all. Episode airs on Youtube and LinkedIn Live.

“Well, I think people are probably talking about it ‘cuz for the first time and what I feel like a long time they have hope that they can get reviews in the restoration space. It is possible and we have a lot of people, that’s the first thing they say. They’re just lost hope, you know, everybody can do this except for me.

And so we’re out there just sharing with them. It is possible for you to get reviews just like your other, peers that run different kinds of businesses and we’ll get into, the challenges that uniquely face restoration and how to solve for those and add some value, but to give you just a quick background on our business, so I kind of cut my teeth in marketing in a Fortune Thousand Company ended up leading digital marketing for them, and during that time, just used home service businesses for my own life.

We had to replace a roof after a storm, we put in a patio found, moved to new place, had to find a place to take our cars. And each time, the only thing I did was look at Google reviews and I was consistently frustrated with how few recent reviews companies had.

Like, I wanted to see people like yesterday or last week that had a good experience with these companies and there just wasn’t a lot of content there. And so, it was just this question of, I think I’m not the only one that struggles with this in getting reviews, so how do we make sure that we, you know, how do we help companies do this better?

There’s gotta be a solution here. I think these matter to companies, I think everybody does this today. And so, to make a long story short, we just literally started meeting with business owners. You know, small business owners were based in Indianapolis. And, just started meeting with them, really during the beginning of Covid.

It was all on Zoom and they weren’t doing anything, so they weren’t, you know, they couldn’t go in people’s houses or do work. So, We started talking to ’em and every company that we talked to said, “Hey, are reviews important?” Like, would you like to get them? And they’re like, “oh yeah, absolutely. We’d love to get reviews.”

Well, how do you do that in your business? And that answer was all over the board, you know, from trying technology to. Yelling at their technicians in the field to get them, you know, to whatever strategies, and it just wasn’t working.

And so we really worked hand in hand with small businesses to figure out the process and the solution to really help them get reviews and to take it off their plate and kind of figure it out, the secret sauce, if you will, that we like to think we have to help make this process easy and in the restoration world to give hope, you know, to people to say, you can do this in this space.

So, we started, just three years ago as a, you know, startup, a bootstrap of the business. Today we serve close to a thousand business locations all across North America. All kinds of different industries. A lot in the home services space, you know, a lot of restoration type companies that serve consumers and are growing our team and think the potential is huge.

And we’re just out there trying to spread the word to your point, not just about us, but about how much reviews can impact your business, how much of a role they play in your Google Business Profile. That is so critical. Just the business profile in general, I think people don’t understand, you know, the full value they have and so we’re just trying to help share that.”

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