Here’s a clip from our recent podcast with Michael Balzano (R&R Magazine/BNP Media) where he talks about what to expect at the upcoming “The Experience Conference & Exhibition” April 3-5 (Chattanooga, TN).

R&R Magazine is one of the Restoration Industry’s largest publications and today I am joined by Michael Balzano, the group publisher from R&R and BNP Media to talk about R&R and their bi-annual Experience Conference and Tradeshow.

Learn more about R&R and The Experience by visiting the link below:

Ben: First talk to me a little bit about the experience event. If anybody has not been to it and they’re hearing this for the first time, give me a little background, what they can expect to sign up, how to sign up. I’ve got some URLs I’m going to share. If

you guys want to tune into YouTube, when we set up a replay, I’m going to throw it on the bottom right now on how to see the event and sign up or sponsor it. It’s there on the bottom ticket now, so I’ll give it to you, Mike. Talk to me about the experience, conference and exhibition.

Mike: Well, the first thing I’ll tell you is that the early bird rates for attendees and on January 31st, I’m not sure when this is going to air, but it’s gonna be pretty soon after that then.

Ben: Before that.

Mike: Okay, perfect. If you come to, if you want to come to Chattanooga. Sign up. Save a few bucks. Who doesn’t want that, right? Why not? It’s just an easy way to go. And we have some, I’ll send the exhibit booths available too as well for right now. We’re going to start to ramp that up soon. Three days, three days of fun and learning in Chattanooga, Tennessee this year.

And of course, Vegas in September, as I mentioned before, hands on is the key. We’re going to have two big agenda days, but the middle day is going to be completely hands on training. During while the exhibit hall is open, the cleaning pavilion and the restoration pavilion will also be doing hands on things.

You can imagine the old flood house will be flooding things and restoring. And it’s just a great opportunity to get, to learn and get in there. A bust floor, ex ex expo floor. So a lot of the vendors will be there. And it’s just, you know, what I’ve learned from hanging around Larry and everybody is that it wasn’t named this accidentally.

They want to make it an experience. Yes, fun, fun time. I had Barry Costa on, my podcast with the first guests and I was setting him up for a joke and I asked him a question. He came out with this and what’s the, what’s your best experience and what’s your best memory of the experience?

And he came out and talked about where he lost a family member of cancer. This is like 20 years ago. And he came to the event and they let him, Larry and the team let Barry give a presentation based on his daughter’s life. And I don’t know if I should say that, but it was his daughter. And yeah, he said, I met it and everybody would hug me and they really helped me heal.

And I thought this is my, Barry goes, this is my family and I don’t want to ever miss seeing my family again. You know, in this case, I go, you know what, I’m, first of all, I’m not going to tell a joke. Now that was a beautiful story, right? This is, that’s what it is. They build a family atmosphere of fun and we get to have a good time.

We just announced, I want to tell you this. I’m very excited. There’s gonna be announced very soon. We put together an advisory committee, for this show and maybe future shows. Some of the real leaders of our industry, as I’ve said before, I’m not, you know, I’m where I’m at. I’ll get there, but I need experts to help.

Barry Costa, Lisa Lavender, Sean Bissione, Lisa Wagner, the rug chick, and Mark Kennedy, and Annissa, our friend. Heck, yep. Shout out to Annissa and Kevin, Firehouse Education. Hope you got done with your house. That’s right. So we got some big deals. I want people to be settled like, well, I don’t know anything about BNP Media.

I don’t know this goofy mic guy. Don’t worry about it. Look who we got. We got the leaders of the industry coming into to make sure this is run as well as it possibly can. We’re excited about that. If I could name drop a little more guys who haven’t, you’ve never been the experience or haven’t been a long time.

Our keynote speakers, the great Chuck Violland is going to be a keynote speaker. He has a new book out. Jim Pemberton is a cleaning legend, is going to be the other keynote. So we have some exciting new people coming to play with us. And, It’s exciting. It’s all coming together at once and we’re very excited.

The agenda is out. The advisory committee is going to be announced. We’re going to, we’re doing tours of Shaw, the Shaw plants. The events are going to be the 3rd through the 5th of April. On 2nd, we’re taking tours to the Shaw flooring. There’s three plants, it’s going to be an all day thing.

There’s 75 spots available. We’re going to have that available for purchase very soon on our site. So that’s really the main reason I think they booked Chattanooga because it’s 20 minutes away from that. Take advantage, talk about hands on learning. If you’re into flooring and things like that, there you go. You’ll be right in there with me.

Watch the full podcast replay here:

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