Every business should be aware of the 3 main components for ranking on Google. This can help you understand the layout and take up as much real estate as possible on page 1.

  1. Google Ads/LSA- The paid listings
  2. Google Business Profile/Maps- Your bread & butter
  3. SEO/Organic Search- The foundation

Each one is important and needs to be considered in your marketing structure. They work together, but how you rank on them is vastly different! My team is here to offer you insight and improve your overall rankings- just reach out to us!

So it’s really important to understand all three of the main components of the Google search, right? The first thing you’re going to see is the Google guarantee. Anybody do an LSA Google guarantee program? Awesome! We’re going to talk a lot about that because it’s a super effective way. Pay per click as well.

Those are the first results that you’re going to see. Google business profile and your map section are the next. area. That’s the bread and butter of home services, right? You rank well on maps. There’s a good chance you’re going to have a really good type amount of leads coming into your business, especially if you’re ranking well, locally.

And then right at the bottom, rightfully so is, and should be the foundation of any internet marketing you’re doing, which is search engine optimization, ranking in the organic section, right? These are the non paid listings, the foundation, and now your organic search and your Google business profile are directly.

So they’re through a big curve ball when they changed from Google, my business to the Google business profile. And one of the cool things they did was decouple these two areas and the tactics on how to rank in those areas. So all three of these things work together, but how you rank on them is vastly different.

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