Step Out Of The Box and Reorient Yourself With Your Customer

Here’s a clip from our recent Restoration Rundown podcast with Brandon and Chris from the Floodlight Group where they touch on the concept of “being out of the box” and also the self awareness of when you are “in the box”.

“We can either be in the box or out of the box. And when we’re in the box, we tend to see others as objects, right? Things to overcome, someone people to use as a vehicle to get where we want to go. We tend to just objectify those around us to get the stuff we want. When we step out of the box, that’s when we reorient ourselves around.

Hey, these are people just like me with same hopes, fears, dreams, ambitions, anxieties, et cetera. And you know, it just underscores the importance of us being out of the box whenever possible, but also the self-awareness of recognizing when we’re in the box.”

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