Page speed and user experience is very important when it comes to your restoration website. If a visitor has to wait more then 3 seconds for your website to load than they’ll just hit the back button and go to the next website. It’s hard enough to get traffic to your site but it’s that much harder to get them to actually take action and eventually call you. The issue could be your hosting, images, plug-in conflicts, etc.

You have somebody with money and they’re saying, “I’m ready to buy”. And then you’re like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, buddy! We can fill out this form and I’m gonna need you to wait a few minutes there.” They’re gonna go right to the next guy. That’s got something waiting for them, where they can make that exchange right away, especially when it comes to some sort of catastrophic property damage and need somebody to come right now.

So you want to convert more traffic. You have to make it easy for them to get in touch with you. Now, the first thing that we’ll look at from like a nerd perspective is we’re gonna look at your website loadings time, right? If your website takes a long time to load to get to that homepage or whatever page they’re visiting, they’re gonna go right off to the next guy.

People don’t wanna wait. In fact, Google put a huge emphasis on this last year with a major algorithm update on page speed and user experience. Guess what? That is directly tied to conversion percentages. So you may think Google’s a big, bad wolf and they’re always bullying, and they’re like the end all be all, but they are. And really their intent is to give a better experience for their user base.

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