When we partner with a new client we rely on Google Ads early on while we are building their Google map and organic visibility. So think of PPC like the grocery store, if you are hungry you just pick up what you need and you are all set.

However, organically grown food is much healthier for you but it takes time to grow. Similar to SEO, it takes time to grow but once you have those 1st page organic rankings on Google the profit margins become much better in your favor.

What’s up, everybody? Welcome to the Ironclad Marketing Minute. My name is Ben Ricciardi with Ironclad Restoration Marketing. And today we are talking about SEO versus Pay-per-Click, and what is going to be a better channel for you to bring in leads for your restoration business.

Well, when it comes to choosing between PPC and SEO, I like to say, let’s use them both. Now we’re going to switch our mentality a little bit. We’re going to talk about SEO like a garden. SEO is a garden that you need to grow to bring in leads for your business.

Now gardens still take an investment of a lot of time. A lot of resources and a lot of energy, but at some point those gardens will grow bare fruit and you will be able to get leads from the organic search section, which is a direct result of search engine optimization or SEO.

Now, while you’re waiting for your garden to grow, you still need to keep your trucks on the road. So that’s why we like to call pay per click the grocery store of leads. So while you’re waiting for your organic search portfolio to grow in those organic traffic sessions that come into your website, you can utilize Google ads through their PPC or LSA program to bring in leads for your business while you wait for your garden to grow.

Now, organic search and SEO is the most sustainable in the long run. When it comes to budgeting, PPC requires a constant investment in ad spend and budgeting to manage those ads. Whereas at some point, your organic search and your portfolio, you building your keywords to the first page of Google is going to pay off tenfold.

So while you’re waiting for your garden to grow and SEO, look into utilizing PPC and LSA to bring in those leads at the grocery store. So you can make sure that you’re keeping. In your trucks on the road and you have a perpetual pipeline of leads coming into your business. That’s it for today. We’ll talk to you next time.

If you are struggling with your digital marketing contact us today for a free strategy session. https://ironcladrestorationmarketing.com/get-started/

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