Restoration Damage Marketing

The restoration damage industry is like no other. No one even knows you exist until they need you, but when they need you, they need you immediately. So how can you guarantee that your name is the name that gets called when disaster strikes? By hiring a company who specializes in marketing for restoration companies, whether your specialty is mold, water, or fire damage, disaster restoration marketing can get you more leads and more business. Let’s face it: In an emergency business like you are in, you need to spend time servicing each customer, and do so quickly. You should focus on the customers, and leave the restoration digital marketing to professionals. At IronClad Restoration Marketing we understand marketing for restoration contractors, and will work tirelessly on your restoration industry marketing to drive customers to YOU in their time of need.

Restoration Damage Industry

Time is crucial in the restoration damage industry. When water damage occurs, your company needs to get to work to stop the flow, dry and dehumidify, and restore walls and floors to their original condition. In the case of fire damage, (which may also include water damage from sprinkler systems) professional cleaning will eradicate smoke and soot damage, professionals will decide what can be salvaged and what gets thrown away, and everything needs professional cleaning. Mold is an even stealthier enemy. By the time a client recognizes he has mold damage, water has seeped into their home or business and destroyed walls, ceilings, and possibly furniture. They need a professional restoration damage contractor to sanitize the area, rebuild any damaged structure, and fix the pipe or leak. With your service contractors busy with servicing customers, leave the restoration digital marketing to IronClad Restoration Marketing, who specialize in marketing for restoration companies like yours.


Communication Tools

With so much for your company to do to help weary customers in a crisis, disaster restoration marketing is probably not at the top of your list. Hiring a company like IronClad Restoration Marketing will offer you expertise in disaster restoration marketing so you can focus on your customer’s needs. IronClad Restoration Marketing will analyze your current website and social media realm, in order to make sure your message is clear. By studying what is actually on your web site, as well as your SEO and map optimizations, they can improve your SEO for restoration companies and clarify your writing. They understand the language of marketing for restoration contractors, and will work closely with your website and design to clarify the message and make sure communication is stellar.

Channeling the Channels

Once the message is clear, restoration industry marketing strives to get the message out to the right channels. IronClad Restoration Marketing understands the needs in your market, and which social media outlets will work best for your message. They are experts in marketing restoration contractors like yourself. For example, you won’t waste money on pay per clicks if that is not helpful in your area or with your message. Restoration digital marketing experts like IronClad will get your fire, water, and mold business booming with their skills in SEO for restoration companies, and their ability to find the exact medium that will draw clients to you.

Checking In

After channeling your message appropriately for your market and your customer’s needs, IronClad Restoration Marketing will keep the communication lines with you open as we continue to collaborate. We analyze market data, SEO and map optimization, social media hits, and other communication tools to ensure that when restoration damage occurs, your company will get the first phone call.

Does your disaster restoration company need online marketing for restoration companies?

Although no one wants to call a restoration damage business for help with floods, mold or fire, utilizing a restoration digital marketing company like IronClad will ensure that when emergencies occur, your name is already out in the community as the number one company to call. If you hire a strong marketing team, you are then able to focus on the number one priority for your customers: returning their home or business to its pre-disaster condition.

We specialize in SEO for fire damage restoration companies, fire damage restoration marketing and PPC. Call us today at 855-921-2384 to discuss how we can help create unique marketing solutions for your fire damage restoration company.


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