When it comes to digital marketing, DO NOT put all your eggs in 1 basket!

From all the noise online, whether it’s Google Ads, Google Maps, organic, social, Youtube, etc. you want to be as diversified as possible. Not to mention if there’s a big algorithm core update from Google which has been happening quite frequently.

All right, so the goals are out of the way. Hopefully you’ve gotten some things written down. You got a little clarity on where you want to be this year and beyond. And I wanna introduce you to something called the Ironclad Restoration Marketing Digital Omnipresence Method for the maximum flow of leads for your restoration business.

We talked just a minute ago of how we are going to realize those goals, right? How are we gonna get to X amount of calls per month? How are we gonna get to X amount of revenue, at the end of the year? Well, when it comes to digital marketing, we use the omnipresence method, meaning you need to be everywhere.

Your online visibility is key. In this day and age, everyone is online, searching out products or services, everyone’s online building their brands, everything flows through a cell phone or a computer or some side sort of device and connecting everybody; which presents a lot of great opportunities for people out there, especially in the service-based industry.

So when you’re looking at the omni presence method, you know, the bigger picture of that is you just don’t wanna put all your eggs in one basket. So if you are somebody that’s run a business and you all have only ever Facebook ads and you killed it. Covid came. Facebook ads were going off the chain outside of the AI shutting people’s accounts down for nothing.

But Facebook ads might have worked for you then. Well, there was a day, I think it was 2021, or might have been 2020 that Facebook went down, which included Instagram. All right, well then where are you at? Those leads are gonna coming in that day. Those ads that you have are running are not going to be seen. So having your eggs all in one basket is a no-no. You should be able to spread the wealth, and collect data to understand where the best place is that you need to place your marketing budget.

So we start off your website. Your website we talked about before is the hub of all the information. This is where everything flows through. That’s where you get to talk about your company, that’s your storefront and a digital marketing place. You wanna dominate on the first page of Google via SEO, pay per click, LSA ads, and the map section with your Google business profile.

Join industry associations. Listen, if you’re struggling out there, join the IICRC, join RIA, join all your local organizations that have to do with cleaning and restoration. Go to trade shows, meet people. Don’t look at other companies as your competition. Look at them as either a mentorship or a lesson in what you shouldn’t be doing, which will help you either direction that you take. Okay? I can’t overstate that.

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