If you are struggling to get top Google map rankings or LSA (Local Service Ads) rankings and more importantly conversions then the one that maybe killing those marketing efforts is Google reviews.

I know we may sound like a broken record but we can’t not stress how important getting Google reviews are when it comes to getting leads for your restoration business. We have tons of content on how to get Google reviews but you just have to ask. Now go get some!

This one thing may be the thing that’s killing your marketing efforts when it comes to your restoration business. What’s up everybody? This has been with ironclad restoration marketing, and I want to welcome you to today’s ironclad marketing minute. Now, if you’re spending money on SEO, Pay per click LSA, or Google Business Profile Management, or even social media.

This one thing you’re not doing could be killing all of those efforts and allowing your competition to beat you out on a search engine. If you’re not actively getting Google reviews for your business, you can hurt every aspect of your digital marketing efforts, meaning if you’re running LSA ads and you have not that many Google reviews that aren’t that recent and you’re not actively getting them for your company, your LSA ads aren’t going to be shown as much as the guy that’s next to you that has a lot more Google reviews.

The same thing is going for your Google business profile. If you want to get those really good maps rankings that are the bread and butter in the service based industry, especially in a restoration. You need to have a process or a system or a third party partner like Liftify to help you get more Google reviews for your business on a consistent basis.

Now forget the money you could be wasting. The other part about Google reviews that’s so important for your business are they help buyers make decisions on the companies they’re going to use. So as a unique selling proposition, having a ton of Google reviews that are mostly positive that are responded to well by the owner, by you that are recent, From each job that you finish are going to help customers make a decision when they’re trying to choose a partner for property damage restoration.

So you need to implement any and all ways to get Google reviews for your business, especially if you’re spending money on Google ads, especially if you’re spending money with an agency like ironclad restoration marketing to help you get more leads from the internet. That’s it for today. Get out there and get those Google reviews and we’ll talk to you soon.

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