A common problem we see with restoration companies’ websites when it comes to the content of their main services, whether it’s water, mold, fire, etc. is just listing bullet points and a few sentences at most. Not only will that NOT get you any top keyword rankings it will not help with your conversions. In digital marketing we always preach that “Content Is King”. You have to have separate pages for each of your services with at least 500 words of content minimum.

My team just wrapped up making a couple of video analysis is for a couple of different restoration companies in the United States. And noticed a recurring theme with both of these clients when it comes to their website that’s actually keeping them from getting leads. Now, what my team noticed is that neither of these clients had separate pages on their website for each one of the services they offered.

So if you want to benefit from getting organic search results, you have to have a separate page for each one of your services. A lot of you guys have have a single page with a bullet list listing off all your services and that’s just not going to cut it. Google’s going to be looking for around 500 words depending on your competition of keyword rich content on your website for each one of the services that you want them to index.

So go take a look at your website, make sure you have a separate page for each one of your services. And if you’d like a free video analysis of your site and your social media to kind of help you keep everything in check shoot us a DM. We’d be happy to provide that to you absolutely FREE of charge.

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