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At Ironclad we are obsessed with K.P.I.’s (Key Performance Indicators) for our clients to help get them the best results possible. But it is even more important to have your own goals and KPI’s for your restoration business. This should cover every channel that can produce leads from your website (SEO), Google Business Profile, Google Ads, social media, property managers, public adjusters, plumbers, insurance carriers, etc.

What’s up everybody? I am getting absolutely sick and tired of talking to restoration contractors all across United States that are all in the same boat. They’re either spending a ton of money on a digital marketing agency that’s taking them to the cleaners and they’re getting no results or they have an in-house team and they’re not getting any leads online.

But the consensus is, that these contractors have their heads in the sand and really have no idea what’s going on. They kinda set it and forget it, and then revisit it a few months down the road. And if they don’t have the results that they felt like they should be getting, they’re moving on to another agency or they’re listening to the normal excuses like you’re not spending enough money or we don’t have enough time; or your competition is too high.

Whatever the case may be, you need to start holding your teams accountable and start setting incremental goals while yes, it takes a long time to rank your website on the first page of Google, there should be goals incrementally set for everybody that’s involved to make sure that you’re on the right track; whether that’s keywords climbing to the first page at Google, maybe some of the low hanging fruit or volume of phone calls coming in has increased, either way, there needs to be incremental goals.

And I’m just tired of talking to guys every day that have zero clue what’s going on. We all know how expensive and how time consuming getting consistent leads for your restoration business is. So let’s start holding ourselves accountable. Let’s hold our teams accountable. And if you really want a real snapshot of where you’re at in terms of digital marketing from a web design standpoint to a Google business profile standpoint, to conversion standpoint and your placement on a search engine, give us a shout.

We will give you a free video analysis that’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your business and its current standing so you can pull your head out of the sand and start holding your teams accountable and get yourself on the right track to getting those leads that you need to grow your business.

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