When was the last time you looked at your restoration website on your mobile phone? Is your phone # at the very top (above the fold) with “Click To Call” (they don’t have to type in the phone #, just click on the button) capability? If not then this may be why you are not getting as many calls as you should.

What’s up everybody? If you have great organic traffic, you have great maps placements, you are doing your due diligence as far as digital marketing goes, but that phone is still not ringing. You may have an issue with your mobile website.

Nowadays, from what we’re seeing in the home services and specifically restoration contractors, most of your traffic is coming from mobile device. So if your website is not mobile friendly which it could be, and you don’t have a clickable phone number and a really strong call to action and the first above the fold thing that people see when they go to your URL, you may be losing people that are going to bounce off because they’re having a hard time getting in touch with you.

So go check out your mobile version of your website. Make sure you have a phone number that’s right there, right in front of their face, along with the services that you provide, your hours operation above the fold that means they don’t have to scroll to find it. And you should see a little bit of an increase in phone calls if that stuff is not there. Good luck!

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