It may be very tempting to buy social media followers but it will not benefit your business in any way. If you did buy followers and want to boost Facebook ads for example, you will just be wasting money showing your ads to people who don’t give 2 sh**ts about your business anyway. Just focus on providing valuable content like before and after pics of jobs, tips, testimonials, etc. Quality over quantity!

Don’t buy social media followers, people. A lot of people think like it’s not about how many people follow you. It’s about how many people engage and interact with you. If you look at my YouTube channel and I was worried about how many people were watching my videos, I would probably be pretty depressed.

And a lot of people will tell you the same thing that are online and doing this sort of thing. We don’t get a lot of views, but I’ll tell you right now, a good majority of our clients that we have now or prospective clients, or people we talk to in the industry have watched, do watch and do follow along.

If you buy social media followers, one, you can get your account shut down. So that sucks. But two, think about it like this. If you’re gonna run Facebook ads or YouTube ads, or something like that, or Instagram ads and 90% of your followers are fake, you’re advertising to profiles that don’t exist, right?

And then when you put a post up, if you have 20,000 followers and every one of your posts, there’s only one like on it, you’re not getting any engagement at all. So just like increasing your conversion per percentages, instead of increasing traffic, don’t increase your follower account. You need to increase your engagement by putting the right content on there, right?

Don’t buy followers. I have a lot of clients that have done it, not necessarily in the restoration industry, but back in the day in my old agency, there was some out there that just needed that, that look and say, wow, I’ve got 50,000 Instagram followers, but it’s kind of worthless.

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