Myldred Ingram (Restoration & Remediation Magazine) joins the podcast Fri, Sept.8

Restoration & Remediation is the restoration industry’s leading independent resource for actionable insights. Under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Myldred Ingram, R&R empowers restoration professionals to reach their fullest potential through useful coverage on important topics such as water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, contents restoration, catastrophe restoration, forensic restoration, business management, insurance and legal issues, and much more.

Ben: So, in case anybody’s been living under a rock the last 50 years or if they’re in the industry, what is Restoration Remediation Magazine for those of the people that don’t know? Let’s pre-qualify the magazine. I wanna get into your background a little bit.

Myldred: So, Restoration Remediation Magazine or affectionately called R & R Mag sometimes, we are a media brand that serves the industry from education, you can come and see like, kind of latest news within the industry, you can figure out what, what new events are going on, not just now, but like a little bit in the future as well. So, yeah! That’s pretty much what we do and we also have really cool interviews that we do as well. Again, it’s just a part of the education side. So, yeah! That’s what we do.

Podcast Date: Friday, September 8
Time: 9:00 AM (EST)
Where: Youtube and LinkedIn Live

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