The mold restoration industry, just like mold itself, is a quiet industry. Customers don’t even realize it exists until they begin to see the tell-tale black spots creeping into their bathrooms and hallways and they need a quality mold removal and mold remediation company to deal with it in emergency response. A mold damage company needs to know how to capture or start getting mold damage leads, mold remediation leads, and mold removal leads for those searching, along with establishing mold damage marketing tactics, so that they can fluidly concentrate on the customer’s needs if those black spots should appear. IronClad Restoration Marketing company provides marketing for mold removal and restoration contractors who need help with their restoration digital marketing and lead generation. Mold removal companies should worry about taking care of mold removal and mold remediation, and let the disaster restoration marketing experts at an SEO company worry about restoration digital marketing strategy, lead generation, and driving customers to your mold remediation business website to grow your business.

Mold Restoration Industry

The mold restoration industry provides an integral service in the community, and restoration companies need expert SEO companies like IronClad Restoration Marketing to augment your mold remediation marketing in order to generate mold removal leads and mold remediation leads for your business. Business owners need time to focus on cleanup restoration services and carefully serving the customers, who tend to be traumatized if mold should appear. Mold is a quiet enemy that needs to be eradicated through careful analysis and professional clean-up procedures. When the tell-tale black spots are noticed, a client needs your phone number at their fingertips, so they can get a trained professional like you to eradicate the problem immediately. A mold restoration company will assess where the water is coming from and will clean and sanitize the area professionally, as well as stop the water damage that may produce mold from reoccurring.


Study and Refine Current Marketing

Internet marketing for restoration contractors involves several key tasks to improve search rankings and online presence, and one of the most important is the study and refining of a company’s current communication with customers. Mold remediation marketing involves specific mold restoration marketing tactics by IronClad Restoration Marketing to complete the following steps:

  • An in depth analysis of local SEO (search engine optimization) used by the company
  • Analyzing current pay per click data
  • Analysis of your current web design
  • Creation of copy and new links for website
  • Creation of specific SEO campaign
  • Map optimization

Depending on your needs, a strategy will be recommended using online marketing strategies and search engine optimization tactics such as local SEO, social media, Google My Business optimization, link building, mobile friendly optimization, pay per click, keyword research, and using the right keywords to improve search results and website traffic and get you to the first page of Google, resulting in better lead generation.

Get the Word Out

After analyzing and improving your marketing details, IronClad Restoration Marketing is an experienced SEO company that will help you disseminate the information to the appropriate sources. Restoration digital marketing helps you get more calls and leads because the information for your company will be fed into the appropriate channels and search engines like Google and the right people will see it and know to call you and not other restoration companies in case of a mold emergency. Since our company has a plethora of experience in all social media platforms, this will work to your advantage because we will link your message to the most appropriate channels and show you how to get more mold damage leads for your restoration business.

Continued Analysis

At IronClad Restoration Marketing, the mold remediation marketing work does not stop after we get your presence out to the public. Our company will keep you constantly updated and informed about what communication and marketing tactics are working and getting you more mold leads, or when some element of the marketing needs to be tweaked and perfected. By trusting a mold remediation marketing team with your marketing needs, you will be free to eliminate the stealthy mold from your clients’ homes and businesses, rather than worrying about marketing.

Does your mold damage restoration company need mold damage marketing SEO services?

Disaster restoration marketing is exactly what restoration companies need to drive business to your site and get more mold removal leads and mold remediation leads, while you take care of driving black mold out of the sight of your customers. Call IronClad Restoration Marketing for your mold damage marketing needs and you will be getting experts in the restoration field who understand the communication arc and how to entice more customers to your website, increase lead generation, and improve your search results to grow your business.

Our internet marketing company specializes in SEO for mold removal companies, mold remediation marketing, and PPC, as well as for water damage, mold damage, fire damage, and storm damage restoration marketing for restoration businesses of all sizes. Call us today at 855-921-2384 to discuss how we can help create unique marketing solutions to get quality leads and phone calls, and increase lead generation and local search results for your mold damage restoration company to take your business to the next level in your service area.


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