Michael Balzano (R&R Magazine/BNP Media) joins the Restoration Rundown podcast.

Podcast Date: Friday, January 26th
Time: 9:00 AM (EST)
Where: Youtube and LinkedIn Live

Youtube Live https://www.youtube.com/@ironcladrestorationmarketi9912
LinkedIn Live https://www.linkedin.com/company/68517531

R&R Magazine is one of the Restoration Industry’s largest publications and today I am joined by Michael Balzano, the group publisher from R&R and BNP Media to talk about R&R and their bi-annual Experience Conference and Tradeshow.

Ben: The numbers are astounding. I think there’s a need of somewhat of a half of a million restorers in this year moving forward. And they’re retiring at a rate of like 180, 000. So there’s a huge gap in that labor pool. And that’s been something that’s been popping up a lot. And I know we talked about this and you mentioned this in a pre show questionnaire, that that’s one of the big problems you guys are seeing in the industry.

So, how does, you know, in your opinion, how do these events, the Experience, the people that are there, your experience, the Restoration Remediation, what’s going on to try to help bridge that gap and try to bring a little bit more awareness to this industry for maybe the younger generations, which is, I believe is going to be the big issue here?

Mike: Yeah, for sure. And I think that, and I’ve said on other podcasts, I. I have an AARP card too. So I’m not looking to push the old guys out. That’s not the point of this at all. I’m not going to go anywhere, but no, it’s, and you’re exactly right. That’s not just our industry. This is across the board.

I remember in the 2000s, hearing Mike Rowe talk about the skilled worker shortage and back in the seventies and eighties when I was growing up and the advertisements were like, “Well, don’t you know Bob? Bob’s got to work in a factory now, you know, and you don’t want to be like Bob.”

They made it look horrible, you know? And we all, we all went to college and it was just fine. But I mean, there’s some great opportunities. Now we’re realizing now that, you know what? There’s nothing wrong with a hands on job and getting all the great money and great opportunity in our industry. I think a lot.

And I saw this at the experience and stuff. All of our leaders are moving on and that’s nothing wrong with it. They’re great, but I would love to see them and they’re doing a good job. That’s, I think the key to this is just be mentors. Get the younger people that are in the taking the leap with us in this industry, because there’s a gap, but we could get those young millennials in and then definitely the group after that we’re going to be fine as long as they realize this is actually fun.

Learn more about R&R and the Experience by visiting the link below:

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