A common issue we run into with prospects when it comes to SEO is ROI (Return On Investment). Everyone wants results sooner than later but those results primarily depend on your competition, kinda like running a race. For example, if your competitor has been training for years and you just started 1 month ago you know it’s going to take some time and effort to be able to beat them. Same with SEO. How much authority and value are you building with your website to consistently drive organic traffic? Yes it takes time, patience and consistency but when the results come it will be well worth it.

Now, when you gotta think about organic traffic, just think about like, at some point when you’re investing in SEO, you’re gonna be generating a ton of traffic to your website and you’re gonna be paying like next to nothing for it. Right? The more jobs you get, you could take you a year, right? You’re investing 2000 bucks a month in SEO and Google business profile management and you see, you’re getting these keywords growing and there’s the phones ringing a little bit, but the investment’s not really lining up. It’s not adding up. And then all of a sudden after five or six months, you get a call, you got a $250,000 fire job from that.

Well, I would say that’s well worth it, right? You’re investing $24,000 in a year and you’ve gotten one, $250,000 job on it. And it’s a pretty decent return on your investment. Why didn’t you say? And now if you do things correctly, you’ve got this job, you’ve got a case study. You’ve got photos that you’re putting on your Google business to grow in those keywords for fire damage restoration. And now those jobs start rolling in a little bit more frequently. And it’s applicable to any service that you provide.

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