In this clip from our recent podcast with Ricelli Mordecai from Sales Booster Solutions she discusses building local relationships effectively and how much it really takes to generate leads.
Here is this, for every three accounts that you manage your relationship with and by managing a relationship, I say, you’re visiting with them face to face, interacting with them with a clear purpose for that visit every four weeks for every three, you’re gonna get one lead on your first year. So let me create even better numbers. For every 300 accounts, you know, we hire somebody that’s gonna be in and out of their car, 80 times a week, building a relationship locally. So 320 accounts, that’s gonna produce you 106 leads on your first year.
Those numbers are not gonna hit until the fourth round of visits. And it’s gonna be six to eight leads per month. Then you’re gonna have to ask yourself what is my current conversion from leads to sign jobs? And that’s when I start to lose friends and people are like, “Oh, if I have to do all that work, I don’t wanna do.” And I’m like, fine. Hire a digital strategist like Ben, sign up with some TPAs.
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