Here’s an interview Ben Ricciardi (Ironclad) did with Scott Tarpley (Disaster Equipment and The Drying Team) at the Collective23 “A Property Restoration and Insurance Festival” last week in Austin, TX.

Ben: I had a special guest I’ve met a couple days ago and I thought was real interesting. I wanna bring him in here for this next section that we’re doing. I want you to welcome Mr. Scott Tarpley from DEI into the podcast. Come on in here, Scott. I know I’m taking up all the room here.

Scott is DEI, Disaster Equipment and Large Loss Support or Rental Equipment, rental for the restoration world. How’d you tell everybody a little bit about yourself, how long you’ve been in the industry, and what you guys do.

Scott: I know don’t that old. But I’ve been in the industry about 50 years. So, going at while and we’re a large loss support for restoration contractors. If you’re not at CORE, should be. So it’s a right convention. A lot of good people here and a lot of good opportunities to meet people and shake it up a little bit.

Ben: Yeah. How was this your first collective event?

Scott: The company was here last year. I personally didn’t get to attend. But it’s the first time I’ve been there. I’ve seen a lot of shows put on over the years, and this one’s been great.

Ben: Yeah, no. I agree. I mean, this is, I’m blown away by this stuff that I got some good food in there right now. I know I’m pulling you away from lunch. We can only get on live so far before CNR kicks us outta the booth and we can go do anything else. So, you provide disaster equipment rentals. Are you guys nationwide or are you guys, can you guys help anybody out in the United States?

Scott: We are nationwide. We have generators and desk, and some portable stuff and, you know, different stuff that just whatever restoration contractor would need. Just call the number 1-877-RENT DEI.

Ben: 877 – RENT DEI.

Scott: But disaster equipment will come up pretty quick. So, we’ve got a good group of people. Got Rhonda Edwards. She’s been with me before she came back on board. My daughter’s here and she’s been with me since she was zero. But I’ve been with the company since she was 14 years old, I guess.

Cora, which came last year. A lot of people know Cora. She didn’t get to make it. She was in the narrow part of the county near of the hurricane. So she went home and packed her belongings and evacuated.

Ben: That old nothing burger of a hurricane. Got a little wet. Yeah. It affected my flights on the way up here. So that was,

Scott: Yeah, west a tree up there in the big band that the hurricane hit a tree and that’s..

Ben: Oh man, God bless the tree. So I got a question every time I have somebody on a podcast, I always want to find out, because what we do is we try to teach restorers how to run the businesses better, whether it’s marketing, whether it’s running, whether it’s hiring or whatever.

So what do you see being in this industry for so long as the biggest problem right now? And maybe what are some solutions that you have that you can solve them?

Scott: The biggest problem I see when it comes to commercial loss is getting paid.

Ben: Okay. That’s a big one.

Scott: A lot of obstacles in the way from the agency adjusters, the building owners just trying to get paid for the job. You know, doing the right documentation. Call it the CDC. Contracts, Documentation and Communication. The three big things you gotta do to get paid. So, getting paid by far is the worst thing. A lot of people in there say, I’m in the business to dry buildings. No, you’re not. You’re not in the business to make money.

Ben: That’s right.

Scott: So you gotta to make money, you gotta get paid. And that’s the biggest challenge I think we face.

Ben: The solution’s proper documentation. What was CDC?

Scott: CDC. Contracts, Documentation, Communication.

Ben: Communication is key. And we talk about communication a lot with everything. If you’re not communicating properly, you’re not properly documenting, one, your business ain’t gonna run too well but even bigger than that, you’re not gonna get paid for anything.

Scott: That’s correct.

Ben: Well Scott, I appreciate you stopping by. You gotta check ’em out. DEI Disaster Equipment Rental Large Loss Support. It’s +1-800, what was the number?

Scott: 877 – RENT DEI.

Ben: RENT DEI. We’ll make sure we put that into captions on this video. Scott, thanks for stopping by. I know it’s lunchtime, I’m gonna get a beer too. Good to see you man! We’ll see you soon.

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