Good quality photos on your Google Business Profile is the equivalent of having good curb appeal if you are trying to sell your home. In this video we give you some tips when it comes to Google Business Profile photos including what to post and where to post.

What’s up everybody? Welcome to the Restoration Rundown Podcast. I’m gonna record a very quick video for you today on how to take the optimal Google Business Profile photos.

Now you have to have a verified and optimized Google Business profile in order to do so. But if you’re a restoration and cleaning business owner, I want you to pay attention because photos are a great way to help boost your maps rankings, help boost authority when it comes to Google. And so today we’re gonna talk a little bit about what to post and how to post it.

First off, good photos on your Google Business profile will help show off your business and your workmanship. Listen, most of the time when people are looking for a service-based business, they’re coming from Google and they’re gonna be checking out your maps ranking, especially when they’re looking for a local service company.

So your photos are one of the first things they’re going to see once they find your claimed verified profile. They build trust with customers. If you’re showing off before and afters, you have photos of your team, there’s you there smiling, and you have great reviews, you’re gonna help build trust to your demographic. It does help boost your maps rankings.

Google AI is incredible. They can not only take apart what you have in your photo, but they can actually pull out and extract keywords from that photo and use your Exif data to help you rank better in the locations that you serve. It also boosts organic rankings a couple years ago with the algorithm update, and there was a decouple-ization of the Google business profile, the maps rankings, and the organic traffic.

So having photos and being posting regularly on your Google business. Will help that, which is great and it also is gonna help boost conversions just from the things that we talked about above, right? You’re building trust with people. You’re not a faceless company that they’re calling in to mitigate property damage or one of the big guys out there that are coming in to clean their carpets. You actually are showcasing your authenticity and that goes a long way with that social proof.

All right, so what do you wanna post? Well, the obvious stuff out there is you wanna show photos of yourself and your team, your employees show off your work vans, your trucks, show them that you’re a legitimate business in their location. You gotta remember to smile.

You gotta remember to look at the camera. That’s very important. But you can take all these pictures. You don’t need to hire anybody. You could pull out an iPhone, as long as you have something passed like the iPhone five or six, or if you’re an Android user, most of those Androids have amazing cameras on them.

Anyways, hold the camera horizontally. Get in front of your, one of your vans with your team. Take pictures, go to job sites. Go there and record before, during, and after progress photos. Upload them to your Google Business Profile, getting testimonials is a great way to show social proof and to prove that you’re a good business and legitimate enough for them to use for their property damage or for their cleaning services.

Now you can even upload videos and we’ll get to that in a second, but man, record videos of your jobs, 30 seconds, keep it under 720 P. You know, it doesn’t have to be super high resolution, but Google loves having video. I’m sure you’ve seen some 360 videos. So for those of you out there that are doing, mold testing or something like that, set your little 360 camera up, spin around, take a photo and upload that to your Google Business profile page.

Now, where do you post it? Obviously we’re talking. Your Google Business Profile, but you post it directly through Google Maps. So if you don’t know how to do this, we’ve made a couple videos on it before, but you just open up Google Maps, search out your business.

If you’re signed into the account that you created the Google Business Profile with, it’ll give you an option to manage the business. You just click it right there in Google Maps, very straightforward. There’s a button. Click that and you can upload the photos directly from your phone. I suggest doing it from the job site location just because of the Exif data that exists.

So Google will geolocate where that picture was taken. So for instance, if you exist and your business is in Fort Worth, Texas, and you travel 30 minutes outside of the city limits and you’re in some township, you can upload photos from that township and Google will actually match your service area with that photo and help boost your rankings a little bit when people are searching for your services.

Then I always say, and we talk about this all the time, the Omnichannel Approach. We always want to syndicate that content. Put it up as a blog on your website. If you have before, during and after some in-progress shots, a really great case study you can build with just a couple photos and a couple paragraphs, put that as a blog on your website.

Then you can re-share that blog on your Google Business profile as a post with their update features. Make sure you’re posting it and blasting those photos all over your social media. Why have to go out and create 25 different pieces of content when you could take one piece of content and create 25 different areas that you can utilize it in?

All right, so make sure at the minimum, you’re posting them directly onto your Google Business profile from your Google Maps app, or worst case scenario, done is better than perfect. Get ’em to somebody that can get on a desktop and upload ’em there. All right. Again, you gotta make sure you take clear pictures.

You don’t want blurry stuff. And in fact, if you have a bunch of blurry, crappy pictures on your Google business profile, I suggest go to delete them right away. One, it doesn’t make you look good. You know, that’s like driving around a work truck that’s wrapped in your logo, but it’s got dents and scratches and everything’s got graffiti all over it.

You know, it’s not putting your best foot forward. So make sure you have nice, clear pictures. Utilize the video and syndicate that content. But the biggest point in this, and I don’t know why it’s number two on here. You have to be consistent. Don’t go crazy and upload 50 pictures in a week and then never upload anything.

Again, try to just get your texts, get yourself in the mode to be consistent and make it part of your standard operating procedure. Step one, when we go into a job is take a picture of it, right? Every single day, have a photo log. And a lot of you are already doing this, but now let’s use these pictures and try to get movement on Google out of it.

Some rankings, some conversions, some social proof. Okay. You’ve gotta make sure that consistency is part of your whole plan when you’re doing this. Again, it’s the same thing with reviews and whatnot. So if you have any questions with anything else when it comes to photos in your Google Business Profile, make sure you reach out to us at Ironclad Restoration Marketing.

Go visit our website at You can reach out to us on the phone. Follow us on social media. Like, subscribe and share the podcast. Like, subscribe and share our YouTube. Drop a comment if you have any questions. And good luck taking the pictures. Get out there and get those photos done and upload it to your Google Business Profile. Until next time, we’ll talk to you then.

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