Here are some Do’s and Don’ts tips when it comes to social media.

Don’t use stock photos (let’s keep it real people), don’t make it your personal page (once in a while is fine though), and don’t keep on asking them to “Call You Today” (you need to give them a reason).
Do’s include posting consistency (few times a week minimum is good), job photos (before, during, after), photos of your team, equipment and just provide “value” (give tips, answer questions).

A lot of people say, “Well, how the h*** can we leverage social media to get more business?” Well, like I said before, a lot of people aren’t going on Facebook and looking for a restoration contractor or a cleaning company unless you’re running Facebook ads and then you’re putting a kind of an invasive ad in their feed.

So you gotta be really lucky to find that person who’s scrolling and probably killing time at work and then throw that carpet cleaning ad, or a water damage restoration or a flood, and you’re like, “Hey, you know what? I gotta flood. Let me give these guys a call.” There’s a lot of value there for that stuff, and it’s more the top of mind mentality.

They see your ad, they see you’re active on social media. They see you have positive reviews. It just completes this complete circle of the omnipresence method that we talked about. You have your website, you’re part of the associations, you’ve got great social media presence, you’re killing it on Google Maps, you’ve taken over page one of Google completely, and you’re active. It just helps with conversions and it helps with your visibility. You’re spreading the wealth.

Make sure you claim all of ’em. I told you before, claim a Facebook, claim your Instagram, claim a Twitter, claim a YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, whatever social media platform you have, and make sure you add those links to those pages onto your website.

So how do you do it? What do you post? What kind of work do you want to get? You should be posting things relative to the types of jobs you want to get. Don’t make it personal regardless if you’re a political beliefs or things that you think about social media, people aren’t one. They’re not going online most of the time on Instagram to find a property damage restoration.

But man, if they did, let’s keep it business. Let’s really keep our eye on the prize. Here’s a screenshot of our, Instagram on Ironclad Restoration Marketing. Every single day, I post something. Whether it’s a video of me giving a tip or a trick or a graphic promoting something that we’re doing for your industry.

Show off before and afters, screen capture a five star review and put that up as a Google Post. Use a blog post your SEO company’s doing. Put that into a social media post and help people. And don’t always ask for the sale. So the rule of thumb is you want to teach something. Answer questions, give some tips, give them best practices.

The rule that I put in the book and the rule that I tell everybody is use the 80  20 rule or 75  25 rule, and the 80% of your posting needs to be helpful, valuable content. And then every once in a while you ask for the sale.

I can’t tell you how many contractors out there who are looking in their whole entire feed is just promoting themselves. Call today, call today, call today. And really, it doesn’t offer any substance. They’re just gonna get banner blindness to that. Nobody’s gonna look at it or pay attention.

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