Storm season is upon us. Now it’s one thing to set up Google Ad campaigns with set daily budgets. But when a big storm comes that’s when it’s showtime for all of you restoration companies out there. The average Cost Per Click can skyrocket because of the demand, up to 10X. That’s when we have to keep very close tabs on those campaigns on a daily basis so that we stay within our clients budgets. But also communicate with the client daily so that when they’ve hit their capacity, which can happen very fast, we can pause those campaigns so that the client is not spending more than they have to.

Today we’re going to talk about a hot topic and a question that comes up all the time, which is how much should a restoration contractor spend on pay-per-click to get stormed the image leads and territories that they don’t operate in.

The budget is a big deal when it comes to that stuff. So you don’t ever want to overspend, obviously. But even more importantly, you don’t want to underspend because that’s just money you’re throwing out the window. So we already know the restoration industry is extremely competitive and when a storm hits that competition rises extremely high.

What we typically do for our clients here at Ironclad Restoration Marketing is we like to concentrate on the day, on the now. We set daily budgets and we monitor and communicate with our clients everyday, if not multiple times a day, to see how the leads are coming in and make sure that their money is being stretched as far as it needs to be.

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