Here’s a clip from a recent interview Ben did with Michelle Blevins (C&R Magazine) where she asked about how important social media is to a restoration business. Bottom line, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket, whether it’s Google, Instagram, etc.

How important are social pages matching in with the website? Like how important is it to have a Facebook or maybe a LinkedIn, but more so I would think Facebook or I don’t know, there’s other platforms, but, how’d you play into that?

It depends, right? So, I’m a proponent. You know, in my book “The No BS Guide to Internet Marketing for Restoration Contractors”, we have a whole chapter on social media, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do.

At the end of the day, you want to have a digital footprint that expands across all channels. And the article that we just published, that I wrote, and we take an omnichannel, or the Ironclad Digital Marketing Omni Presence Method, you wanna be omnipresent. You don’t wanna put all your eggs into one basket.

You know, for a cleaning company, if you were, you know, a couple years ago, let’s say you only ran Facebook ads and you did well, right? And it was a couple times and a couple years ago where Facebook went down completely.

Remember, Facebook is a service. It can go down just like that. Just like any of your websites that get hacked. And then where are you gonna be? So if you’re depending on that day-to-day ads to go out to bring you leads in, now what are you gonna do when Facebook goes down?

Facebook also, a couple years ago, especially around the Covid time, they were allowing their AI to do everything. They were shutting down a whole accounts with zero customer support. So you don’t want to back yourself against a wall where you have to rely on just one channel.

So, every single social channel that you can pick is great for your business. It’s a branding play. It helps keep top of mind mentality. Now people aren’t going onto Facebook and Instagram looking for property damage contractors, but if you’re showcasing testimonials and case studies and your beautiful work, you are gonna help pre-sell somebody and convert those eyeballs into traffic.

And they’re also, again, from an SEO perspective, they create great back links to your site. So you have high authority websites saying, “this is who this company is, this is where they operate”, and you’re very active on those channels, people will look. They’ll look at your content. They’ll like, they’re looking at reviews.

So every single channel that you think would make sense for your business, I would claim, and make sure it’s consistent and make sure you have those links on your website. So you create this ecosystem of different channels that are all going back to your website, which is the hub for your business.

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