Here’s a clip from our recent podcast with Kevin and Annissa Coy from Firehouse Education. They are a unique boutique/high end training company for the serious restoration contractor that wants to get started in the industry or is currently in it but wants better systems, processes and procedures in place.

Annissa: Well, so kind of in a nutshell is Firehouse Education is a unique boutique, high end training company for the serious restoration contractor that wants to get into the business and or be in the business in the right way for the right reasons, that is tired of being a slave to their company, that wants to have the right systems, processes, and procedures in place to have an amazing company culture and a business.

That they love and that will enable them to fund their ideal lifestyle. Not just have a job, which is what often happens, right? Firehouse education came in literally to play in 2009 to the first iteration of the manual. I literally locked myself in a room with my computer and didn’t see anybody or answer phone calls, anything for seven days for a week.

And that it now it’s again, a few iterations that has gone through, but that’s still the core of the manual that we have today in our online training. And that is our basis for our systems and processes and procedures. And that’s because it really, the core at the core hasn’t changed.

Marketing hasn’t changed either at the core, honestly. Marketing has been what marketing is for eons, since the beginning of time, as Kevin said, it’s applied psychology. And psychology doesn’t change, right? So, we just saw this huge need, in the industry at the time we were still doing physical jobs.

And then in our own company, and then what I really decided was I got asked by my coach at the time. What are you passionate about? What do you want? And I said, I want to help the world in their time of need. And Joe said to me, so can you do that doing a couple hundred jobs a year? I’m like, well, that’s going to be really hard.

Like I could help like a couple hundred families. He said was that you’re not looking at this in a big enough way. So Kevin and I went back and talked about this and we decided that if we focused on firehouse and launch firehouse, that we could do a class. We do very intimate classes. So there are 12 to 15 companies. So we could work with 15 companies on a hands on job for a week.

And we could affect possibly tens of thousands of families. So. That’s what, you know, Joe was teaching us as our coach at the time, which is, I would highly recommend if you don’t have coach like in your, in the industry, you should look at that. It’s, was massive. And so anyway, we, we decided, you know, the big factor, 10 X factor, a hundred X factor, how could we help more people?

So that’s really where the passion behind Firehouse went or came from. And today we literally love going out and teaching people and doing. our job where we get very excited about it. Our son works in our business with us, which we love. He’s our oldest, funny enough, not a lot younger than you.

I was thinking about that when you said you’re about to be 40, I was 37. And…

Ben: I met him in Fort Lauderdale, right? He was with you guys. He’s like Kevin’s spitting image twin kind of red, a redder beard.

Annissa: Yeah. Yeah. Look, he’s got, he’s got a little darker beard, but still pretty great for 37. And, he’s just a rock star. And he’s just as passionate about all of this as we are. And did I answer your question? I’m so sorry.

Ben: Yeah, no. Absolutely. No, listen, you have answered every question perfectly.

Annissa: Great!

Watch the full podcast here:

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