Here’s a clip from our recent podcast with Rod Cruce from Trifecta Growth Institute where he talks about one of the biggest problems he sees with restoration companies is they don’t have processes and structure in place.

Ben: What are some ways that you are getting these business owners or groups switch from that service based mentality to the, you know, making sure that you’re managing a project mentality?

Rod: Yeah. That’s always the big, like you said, light bulb. And one is educating the industry. And I say that twofold. For one, it’s they’re trying to scream as loud as you can.

Hey, you’re doing project management services. You’re a projectized company. You don’t have something that, you know, your projects starting in and they keep starting and ending and so you, you have to be a projectized company, you have to be aligned to be able to deliver that service, first of all.

And so you got to, you know, it’s educating owners, general managers, project managers, mid level managers, you got to educate them on that aspect of it, and then the second It’s actually educating it. How to create subject matter experts, and you know, as a green beret, they always say, you know, you’re a subject matter expert, but you’re also a jack of all trades and a master of nine.

And, you know, that’s, that’s the same thing as a project manager. There’s a process to it. There’s also knowledge areas you’ve got to put in play. There’s also processes you got to, and the problem, I think, with a lot of our industry that we don’t see is a lot of companies don’t have processes.

And a lot of companies don’t have structure and, you know, and they only go so far and then you let your project managers kind of run around and they’re doing the best they can right there saying, “Oh man, I got to get this done.”

And, but when you can get them educated and understand that there is a logical, natural process to this. And it’s going to save them time, it’s going to save them effort, and it’s going to create a much better experience for them and their customer. That’s what we want to do. And we do that by providing, you know, training to the individuals within that industry, professionals is what I call them.

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