Here’s a clip from our recent podcast with Diane Goheen (Vice President of Marketing) and Jason Gilstrap (Executive Director of Contractor Operations) from Core Group. The talk’s about how Core Group got started and what they do.

CORE Group is one of the largest collectives of Restoration Contractors in the US. With an eye on education, culture, and excellence in the industry, they’re mission is to provide outstanding service and industry leading support for all of their members. Diane Goheen, Vice President of Marketing and Jason Gilstrap, Executive Director of Contractor Operations join the Restoration Rundown to talk about all of the exciting things CORE is doing for the industry, including CORE University and their upcoming Collective Conference.

Ben: Talk me through the background of Core, how it started, where it kind of, does and what you guys really do there. Then we’ll go into a couple questions on how you got there.

Diane: Sure! So Dan Cassara, CEO, actually, don’t know if you’re familiar with him yourself, but he has been kind of, as you said, a titan in the industry as well.

I’ve been in the industry for over, well, I don’t wanna give him that much. But over 20 years, I’ll put it that way. Over 20 years in the industry. And he found an opportunity to just make things better for contractors.

So what we do is we’re a member, franchise group, a network. But we like to call them members ’cause nobody likes the “F” word. So, but we have to, we give them the opportunity to maintain their independence.

So I think that’s what makes us different. We work with them. We’re a contractor advocate, obviously, and I think that is really what has propelled us in this industry is just by being, you know, an advocate for the contractor.

You know, you see a lot of these managed repair networks that are beating up the contractors over little things. And so we took, kind of that and spun it around a little bit, and so we work with high net worth carrier and commercial only.

So that helps us kind of, help the contractor where they’re not getting nickel and DMed and beat up for every little thing so higher caliber, you know, client, higher caliber contractor. It’s not easy to get on our program. We don’t accept everybody.

Other thing, you know, I like to refer to ourselves sometimes as like the country club of contractors, because that’s really what we do. They have to go through a vetting process. They have to go through a member vote, actually, if they have a reputation in the industry, we have to go through their Google reviews, we have to go through their social reviews.

So, there’s a big process to get onto our program, but we only want best of the best, and I think that is definitely what sets us apart in this industry.

Collective 23 “A Property Restoration and Insurance Festival”
August 30 – September 1st | Austin, TX
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