How often do you ask your customers to leave you a Google Business review? If you don’t even remember then you have a serious problem that you need to fix. Social proof is extremely important. Plus Google Business reviews is one of the top ranking factors in Google map rankings. Watch this video for important tips on how to get Google reviews. Now go get some!

What’s going on everybody? We’re a couple months into 2023 already. Can you believe it? And I wanted to take today to check in on your New Year’s resolutions to see what percentage of you guys out there are actually, still sticking with your New Year’s resolutions. Now, I know we’re still early in the year, but typically by March, 95% of us have forgotten about our New Year’s resolutions.

We’re not showing up to the gym anymore. We’re not eating healthy anymore, and we’re back to the same old which gets us here every single January or every single end of December . Well, today I want to talk about your Google Business profile reviews and why you should not treat them. And most people do like a New Year’s resolution.

Now imagine this, and you may be in these types of situations. You set up a Google business profile back in the day. You filled out all the necessary information. You emailed and texted all of your family members, all of your employees, all of your past clients that you could think of off the top of your head.

You got five reviews, ten reviews, seven reviews, but that was three years ago. Then by month three of trying that out, you kind of give up and move on to the next thing. Well, I’m here to tell you today to stop treating your Google Business profile reviews like a New Year’s resolution. Consistency is the key.

Whether you’re losing weight, stopping smoking, or getting reviews for your business, you need to develop some sort of process with your business right now. To get reviews on a consistent basis. That’s what Google’s looking for, and that’s what buyers are looking for when they’re trying to choose which company they’re gonna go with to remediate property damage or hire to do some cleaning for them.

So work on your processes of your reviews. Your reviews are a major way and a major ranking factor for your business to win on Google Maps, which should be the bread and butter of your business, especially because it’s free. So text your clients, call your. Email your clients, send ’em some coffee, send ’em a postcard, and don’t stop asking for a review until they tell you to pound rocks or they leave you a Google review.

Just remember to make it simple for them. In your Google business profile, there’s a way to share a review link. You should build that into your processes just like how you onboard an off board clients. It’s super important. Do not treat it like a New Year’s resolution. By the way, good luck with your New Year’s resolutions. I’ll see you at the gym.

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