If the air conditioning in your home broke down, would you call a handyman or would you call a HVAC specialist?

The answer is obvious. The same goes for digital marketing. For example, if you hire a generalist marketing agency, they have to first research which keywords to use for SEO and Google Ads, not to mention what requirements are needed for LSA and much more.

At Ironclad Restoration Marketing, we’ve been working with the restoration industry for years and understand not only what keywords to use but what it takes to generate those water damage restoration, mold remediation and fire damage leads in a very competitive industry.

If your air conditioning or your heating broke in your house, would you pick up the phone and call a handyman or would you call an HVAC specialist? Well, in most cases, there’s a good chance that you’re going to call an AC specialist because they have the tools, the knowledge, the resources, and the experience to be able to fix your problem.

Yeah, a lot of handymen Have experience and have tools, but their knowledge of your A. C. Systems or your heating systems are limited. They are generalists. They can fix drywall. They can fix your plumbing. They can fix your windows. And in some cases they can fix your air conditioning if it’s a small minor issue.

But what if you need more than that? What if you need an entire system replacement in most cases, handymen aren’t capable of doing that. Now, yes, there are specific handymen that can help you with that problem, but in most cases you’re best off hiring an HVAC company that can warranty the work and knows your systems inside and out.

Well, the same thing can be said about digital marketing. If you run a restoration business and you are looking to take that step and hire a digital marketing agency to help you out with your website, your SEO, your Google ads, whether it’s LSA or pay per click and your Google business profile, would you hire the handyman or are you looking for a specialist that knows your business inside and out?

Well, that’s what makes us unique here at Ironclad Restoration Marketing. We have an entire team that’s dedicated to your restoration business. We are a restoration specific marketing agency that sets us apart from the rest of the generalist agencies where they may be good at what they do. They do not understand your industry, your needs, and your specific keywords and the stuff that it takes to let you succeed on a search engine like we do here.

So when it comes to website design and it comes to pay per click LSA, SEO or Google Business Profile Management, you need to stick with the experts that specialize in your industry, like the ones here at Ironclad Restoration Marketing. We are looking forward to partnering with you on all of your digital marketing needs.

So make sure that you’re out there hiring the specialists and not the handyman. Talk to you soon.

If you are struggling with your current marketing efforts, schedule your complimentary strategy session today.

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