There have been a lot of changes with Google Business as of late. If you’ve run into an issue where your account has been suspended regarding your address check out this video.
If you find that your Google Business Profile formerly Google My Business has been recently suspended, then here’s a quick trick on how you may be able to get it reinstated. That’s been working for us in some of our clients. Now Google Business Profile suspending accounts that they feel are not adhering to their guidelines. Specifically a lot of service-based companies like restoration companies have a physical address listed on their Google Business Profile when in fact they actually serve a service area. So Google seems to be trending away from a physical address to a service area.
So if you find yourself suspended and you’ve appealed it and it’s still not working out, try deleting your address saying we do not serve clients at our business location and set a service area. Re-submit your appeal to Google and you may have your account unsuspended. Now, a couple other things you can do is take a picture of the storefront of your business with your logo and address and phone number. And that should help you get these profiles unsuspended. So you can start getting more leads online.
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