More often than not, when I speak to a new prospect and ask them about their current sales, goals and systems in place to achieve those goals they don’t usually don’t have their s**t together. They are just winging it and they are always in crisis management mode. I get it, I’ve been there before and it takes a lot of discipline to make sure we have a business that’s running like a well oiled machine, from sales, client retention, operations, etc. What systems do you have in place to make sure you are hitting your sales goals?

So you gotta remember success really has little to do with the goals that you set and everything to do with your systems, right? Goals are the results that you wanna get, but the systems are what gonna get you there. Okay? You gotta think about sports, right? Most sports, let’s just look at football.

The goal in football or basketball is to get as many points as you possibly can to win the game. But if you sat there and you just looked at the scoreboard the entire time, you probably, go crazy. You wouldn’t be able to focus on the results. You probably lose the game. And you’re really just focusing on the goal that doesn’t make much sense. People are gonna call you nuts, right?

So when you think about spending the majority of your time focusing on your goals like, “Man, I wanna lose all this weight”, “I gotta get my business making $3 million a year”, and you neglect the systems that get you there, you’re never gonna achieve those goals and, you’re gonna set yourself up for a lot of unhappiness and it’s actually just a strategy to get you to fail.

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